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 never a failure always a lesson  

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One of my biggest dreams has always been to become  a great lawyer, after failing at the subject more than once at the beginning of this year it totally broke me. After getting that F (failed) result, I cried so much, I felt the pain and disappointment right in the pit of my tummy. I couldn’t breath, I felt a shower of defeat overcome me!!! 

How is it that the one thing I really wanted to become kept falling out of my grasp, was it finally time for me to give up and let it go? Was it time for me to quit and become one of those people sitting behind a glass angry at the world doing something they hated and had no passion for? Was I disappointing my mum? When would I become great, how could I when I kept failing at something some people seemed to be sailing through? I mean seriously it’s just  50% right, well apparently I wasn’t smart enough for a 50, lol  !!!! 

All these crazy thoughts rushed through my head and for the first time ever I felt like throwing up. 

I called my ever so encouraging Dr Mom whose support and encouraging words, “it takes time to become this great!” didn’t make it any easier coz I kept thinking, “why do I keep disappointing such a sweet woman?” 

I know you’re all thinking “dramatic much??” Trust me failure can do that to you, 

During vac my mum gave me this book by Zig Ziglar “Its  Always  Too Soon to Quit” which is a motivational book that encourages us to reach the higher rungs on the ladder and I want to share with you what I’ve learnt thus far and how its motivated me and helped me realize failure is never final !!!! 

Join the Unsinkables, I’m slowly learning how 😇

You must be wondering what Unsinkables are? They are the people that motivate us and give us hope that we can achieve our goals. The people whose stories shock us, their failures surprise us when we think of how successful they are now. 

Coca Cola was unsinkable, in its first year after launching it sold only 25 bottles and now it’s a Fortune 500 company!!! 

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer had 9 rejections from literary agents, and then…a $750,000 three-book deal.

Beethoven was almost completely deaf when he composed “The Ode To Joy.” He removed the legs from his piano and placed it on the floor, letting the vibrations resonate through his body.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination” and tried starting a company that failed and apparently survived on eating dog food, that’s just how broke he was 

The Starbucks owner Howard Schultz was turned down  by 224 banks, because they didn’t believe his vision was a profitable one !! 

  • Unsinkable people say no to despair

The greatest of all human freedoms is your right to choose your attitude in any situation. Sometimes you may not be able to control what life does to you but you can control how you react, try not to always think of the worst case scenario but to be positive. It’s never easy but try. 

You are not a creature of circumstance, you are a creator of circumstance. You might not be able to control what life does, but you can control how you react to it !!

  • Unsinkable people say Yes to Responsibility 

Accept responsibility for your actions, be responsible for your own success. Plan and make decisions. Draw up a plan on how you are going to be as great or as good as you want to be. It won’t make it easier but it will make it your plan and they ain’t anything better 😇

  • Unsinkable people say No to Complacency 

  • Unsinkable  people say Yes  to Helping Others

I know you can probably think of a million reasons that are stopping you from being great. It could be your financial situation,  your lack of motivation and a whole lot more, well you can do it. Sometimes you may need to take step back and revaluate but you can do it. 

After taking the course twice and writing 2 supplementary exams I finally passed. I wrote 5 exams on the same course and it was only on my 5th try that it worked out for me. I know now that I can become as great and as good as I want to be if I work hard, trust, plan and dust myself up everytime I fall. Great things don’t come easy. 

It takes time to become great so dust yourself up and give yourself time 

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  1. yvonne kondo
    31/07/2015 / 09:48

    i am in love with your words of encouragement gal, you really have agreat talent and also i enjoy each and every recipe woow,

    i wish i am a good cook kkkkkk but hey need to try some of the recipes

    weldone gal

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