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Red Lipstick is the beauty equivalent of a shot of espresso. This is hoping you’ve heard that saying before. If you hadn’t well now you have. Lol, I know know, I’ve been away for too long and I am back with a bang. I needed a creative break. My mind was all over the place and I needed to pull myself towards myself and figure out a way to bring you the best quality content. 

Top Festive Red Lipsticks red li

This blogging world is real yourl but I am here and I am happy to be back. The theme for te next coming blog posts is #blogmas, I will be sharing a festive blog post every day till Christmas.  I have always been a red lipstick kind of girl. I love bold lips, I think lipstick has so much power. Don’t get me wrong, I like nudes and neutrals as much as the next girl but trust me, a red lippy can take your look from home wear to red-carpet in an instant. Maybe it’s just me but when I rock a Red Lipstick my attitudes changes, I stand a little straighter with my head up high. 

If you’re  looking to rock dashing and sexy party looks for Christmas I have just the Red Lipsticks for you. The classic red lip look will forever be trendy. Like the little black dress, it will never go out of style. It’s not always easy to find that special red lipstick. Ladies, you know the struggle right, getting one that suits 1. your pocket; 2. your skin tone and 3. your look.   I have 7 pout picks that won’t break the bank and will suit your specific needs…

Top Festive Red Lipsticks 

Red Lipsticks


It might seem a tad weird that I have this many red lipsticks, like how many reds can one have right ? Well, I can only tell ya they all look different on. Some like the L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds Lipstick in J Lo’s Pure Red and Eva’s pure red have cooler undertones. If you want a deep rouge red then these are perfect for you. The L’Oréal Paris Color Riche  collection consists of 8 unique matte reds.  They are rich in colour, matte in finish, and creamy in texture, these lipsticks will give you a pop of velvety colour without drying the lips as they contain Jojoba oil.

Red Lipstick


If you aren’t a L’Oréal Paris girl when I suggest these two beautiful MAC matte lipsticks. the MAC Ruby Woo is retro matte with blue undertones. Lady Danger has an orange tone to it. If you want something that will pop this summer and set you apart from the rest then check this out. 

Red Lipstick

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love Vault lipsticks & lip stains. Like most products, they aren’t everyonés cup of tea but they are just beautiful. The colour payoff is off the charts, they are long lasting and matte. The George lip stain is banging ladies.  I am a matte lippy kinda gal all the way.  On the otherhand, we have the Wet n Wild in Red velvet, this pinkish red lipstick is different from the rest. it’s affordable and worth the packaging. 

top-festive-red-liptick_-35 If you’re looking for something that will last longer and that is comparable to Ruby Woo and George then this is the winner. the L.A Girl matte liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented and wearable. If you are afraid of matte lipsticks though I wouldn’t suggest this. Try using these lipsticks with A lip pencil it will give you a clean, crisp edge to work from and will also keep your lipstick from bleeding.

For Swatches check out my video. Does it get any more festive than a bright red lip? I think not.  These 7 shades are the ones that I always reach for when I want to create a bright look. What is your favourite go-to red lip shade?



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