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Hello NKB family,
Voguish Ankara
Today’s style post is the first of many. I have never really done a fashion post based on my person style because I’ve never considered myself a fashionista.
Honestly I consider my personal style quite boring. Every time I go shopping I always go for the simple dark colours. I am afraid of a fashion faux pas and you can’t blame me, a lot of people out there make crazy fashion decisions that don’t always pay of and I am not about to be on the fashion police “No No”  list.

One of the many things I’ve learnt since I started blogging is simple doesn’t always have to be boring and bloggers like  Shirley B. Eniang and Medge from My Voguish Diaries are living proof that you can never go wrong with sophisticated, elegant and chic style !!

Ankara Fashion

Ankara Dress
To quote one of my favorite bloggers Mattieology:

Live what you love!!!

As I learn to live my life on that principle who better to share my journey with than the NKB family.


This is a Taylor made Ankara dress j had made by my mums seamstress . You should have seen me trying to explain what I wanted. It was just hilarious.

I wanted the dress to be a figure fixer. I went for an A line dress that wouldn’t show the wobbly bits around my tummy. I wanted it to be chic, modern, flattering and sexy which is why I opted for the open low cut back !!

Ankara FashionNKB (24)-024

Remember, weird is not always bad and neither is different. Be on your Kanye West and push the boundaries. The best Avant Garde designs didn’t come from trying to be normal or blending in.

I paired my blue (not sure what’s kind of blue) ankara dress with these sage green (greyish) lace up heels.

I hope you like the post.

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(You can email me if you have a friend who you think is a fashionista and would like me to feature. It’s about inspiring and helping other find themselves 😊 Remember you are beautiful ❤️)


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