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Ankara FashionNKB (44)-044You are the finest ahhhhh. Na you be the finest being I’ve seen
You are the brightest ahhhhh. The way you dey shine you de bling like me. You are the highest ahhhhh. When it comes to rating you are the lead.

Dashiki Print DressHey NKB family, I’ll stop tooting my own horn now. I cant help it though, I love this dress and the way I feel in it. I think one of the reasons I don’t have a huge wardrobe is shopping frustrates me. I am not too sure what my style is plus everything looks so Pretty and choosing is difficult but when I finally do, i try my best to choose something I love. Something that speaks volumes for me and that’s what this dress does.

Ankara FashionNKB (64)-064

This dress to me says: There is beauty in the African system. Africans we are the best. When it comes to beauty man we dey run the race_ P Square

The print on this dress is over flowing with vibrant colors and boasting an intricate West African print. I love African print materials, I could honestly have a million different outfits made from it. I am proud that our styles are making themselves onto the western fashion scene. Ankara has the ability to give anyone a chic unforgettable appeal, it can be sophisticated or funky, edgy or classic. Its all that and more, I mean seriously, what’s not to love.

Dashiki Print Dress

This full skirt dress makes me feel so feminine. It cinches my waist perfectly. I feel strong, beautiful, powerful, like I could rule a kingdom (This dress has me on my Sasha fierce tip like “Who run the world _girls”, lol). As I discover my style I am realizing colour is nothing to be afraid off. It can help be a reflection of your mood or feelings. In a world were social media rules our lives, its sometimes difficult to find your own voice, you could easily get lost trying to get it all and fit in.

Ankara Dress

Don’t blend in, be yourself. Join me on my journey of discovery. I want to be able to express myself through the way I dress. I want to have a voice, you should too.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Hand Sewn Dashiki (Mum’s Tailor)
Shoes: Sissyboy Ankle Strap Platforms
Jewelry: Foschini

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