Lip Exfoliating Scrub Recipes


Lip Exfoliating Scrubs are my winter savers. Our South African winters can be rough, I know people living in colder parts of the world like Canada are probably rolling their eyes but allow me. As I’ve said countless times I’m all about matte lipsticks, they are awesomeness in a bottle, I get to slay but then there is one thing about matte lipsticks! You can never get away with having chapped, flaky or cracked lips. No hunnie,  you just can’t!! And as you know I am all for DIYíng, it gives me the freedom to choose what ingredients I want in my scrubs plus it’s genuinely cost effective. You can make body and lip scrubs from ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard. 

Lip Scrub Recipes South Africa

When it comes to making lip scrubs or any scrub for that matter it mainly boils down to two things:

♥ An exfoliant (sugar, salt, coffee, oats)

♥ Nourishing agent (coconut, olive, jojoba oils/ honey) 

Just find out what your skin needs and use ingredients that will heal your skin and give it exactly what it needs. This is the corner for that. Seriously ladies. Do not be afraid to drop me an email asking me for assistance with some of these recipes.  

Winter is here guys and it’s hella chilly and as a result my lips even though I keep them moisturised, are suffering from the cold, dry air. when lips get chapped or dry they get covered with a layer of crusty, peeling, annoying dead skin that most people end up biting or tugging off. And don’t get it confused the same happens to us in summer. Your lips just like your skin react to the elements so please ake an effort to take care of them. I am sharing some of the lip scrubs I’ve used over the years and that I use frequently as a means of keeping my happy and healthy. 

I am sharing some of the lip scrubs I’ve used over the years and that I use frequently as a means of keeping my happy and healthy. 


Exfoliating Scrub

Basic Lip Scrub 

Like I mentioned above, making a lip scrub is very easy. The first lip scrub I am going to share with you is a basic as they come. I used brown sugar for all my lip scrubs because that’s what I have in the house but feel free to use whatever you have available.  

♥ Brown Sugar 

♥ Jojoba Oil 


Voila people! Little secret, honey has been known since the end of time for its healing benefits. It will help soften your lips and repair daily damage. If you mix these three together you’ll have a really nourishing scrub for your lips. It’s that easy, you can use any kind of oil so don’t worry about following my recipes to the T.

Lemon Lip Scrub

Lemon Lip Scrub

This is without a doubt one of my favourite lip scrubs. It smells so fresh and lemonie. It very easy to make. You start with the basic lip scrub ingredients then add two that you want or love. This lip scrub is made with honey, jojoba oil, sugar and lemon essential oil. Like I said in my monthly favourites blog post jojoba oil is one of the nest oils out there. It’s packed with fatty acids that help dry skin lock in moisture. 

♥ Brown Sugar 

♥ Jojoba Oil 


♥ Lemon Essential Oil (just a drop will go a long way)

Lip Scrub

Coffee Scrub 

♥ Coconut Oil/Olive Oil 

♥Brown Sugar 

♥Pure Vanilla Extract 

♥Arabica Coffee

♥ Honey 


Okay so I’ve shared this recipe before, I shared it in my last Pamper Sunday blog post and so I just added honey to the mix and voila I had a nourishing scrub that I could use for my lips too. 

I hope you try these recipes out and if you do please tag me on IG or Twitter I always love to see what you guys make. 

Have a blessed day





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