If she doesn’t want with her passwords she is cheating!!!

Sharing passwords

That’s definitely something someone with a PEA of a brain would say!

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The movies lied to us, calling to make sure someone made it home safely and sending flowers aren’t ways to prove your love. Nowadays you have to tattoo someone’s name (or face) on you to show them it’s real, or as a new trend shows, give them all of your online passwords.

I struggle with the idea that, that’s how you show your love. The principle and concept of having to share social media and phone passwords to show you have nothing to hide befuddles

In my opinion, you shouldn’t need my passwords because there shouldn’t be anything you ever need to verify. You should be able to ask me a question and expect that I will answer you honestly. If you don’t trust my response, then in my opinion that is the real issue.

I’ve heard people say your husband (or family) should know your password so they can access your account in the case of your untimely death, to which my response is, “like hell they do.” If I’ve passed away, I can think of absolutely no good that will come from you having access to my various accounts. In fact, if I unexpectedly pass away, just throw my laptop in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean 🙈

You hear a lot of the time that boyfriends and girlfriends break into each others phones and read through messages to see whether or not their partners are cheating, flirting or whatever else and I just don’t get it. People have tried to explain it to me and it still makes no sense to me.

So I took to the internet to see what other people think about this. I read an article that one in three teens share their passwords with whoever their dating as a sign of love and affection?!

Password World

Password World

Nowadays we have so much access to each others information and lives as is. Are people not entitled to some sort of privacy and individuality? I mean if we are truly meant to share everything and you are meant to read and have access to everything that is mine why not have a Facebook account that says “Mr and Mrs *****” it has my name right? Which means its mine. If you should have access to my private email account should it not be ours then and not have our names ?

I believe intimacy comes from sharing select private information with people, not giving them keys to your privacy kingdom. Trust is earned I get that but then again one shouldn’t have to prove they are trust worthy by giving up their passwords. Just because I want some privacy does not mean I have something to hide.

Relationships shouldn’t imprison us. We need to have things we keep to ourselves, that’s why you close the door when you are in the bathroom.

I think trusting me because you have my password account isn’t really trust its an illusion of it. If you’ll need to read my messages to believe there is nothing really going on behind your back what happens with ‘in person’ conversations I have when you aren’t around. At the rate things are going people will be required to record everything that happens  through the day for later review !!! You might think I exaggerating but think about it when people had the Nokia 3310s that had limited message memory no-one was bothered its now as technology improves that you have to go above and beyond to prove love and trustworthiness.

Well No,  I love you but you cant have my password. This is how we end up seeing people’s nude pictures on the internet. Its because you think your partner is different and if you break up they would never do that!!! Ask all those who have fallen victim to this heart breaking turn of events and they will tell you they thought the same too.

Forget my having something to hide. What if the people I talk to have things to hide or matters of their private lives they don’t want anyone else to know but me. How can I then break the unwritten confidentiality clause I have with those people by sharing my passwords with you?

It could be my mum, a best friend or family member whose sharing with me because they TRUST ME and now I am going to break that chain of TRUST to appease you, the F out of here with that BS. Its not fair to you or anyone else. They might be things you are willing to share with a parent that you aren’t ready to share with a significant other, and I think that’s okay !!!!  You shouldn’t be forced to share because they can just read your messages and boom they are in the loop.

In case you all wondering what my position is on this,  its, you shouldn’t want to know your spouses/significant other’s  passwords and they shouldn’t care if you know it. ( Which in short is *NO* to password sharing)

If they have your passwords they will snoop and snooping isn’t alright. Opening someone’s letter is illegal, but because we are in a relationship its okay? Peeping Toms get arrested and snoopers don’t, that makes no sense. I don’t maybe this is just me.


🚨Share your feeling on this. Tell me what you think. I know too many people in relations who are subjected to this cruel and unusual punishment, that is password sharing.

🔴🔴Tag a friend, Share your thoughts and lets have a discussion on issues that affect us all.


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  1. margaret
    08/05/2015 / 19:43

    Trust is normally defined as
    ” firm belief in the integrity, ability or character of an individual, reliability, confidence, ”
    ” acceptance of the truth of a statement or character without evidence or investigation”
    Yaa sure you have insight on what I believe or feel on the subject matter. To share or not to share passwords is not a pre requisite for proof of trust.
    It’s an individual thing no meaning at all. If you want it as proof I can give you but does not mean am clean. I will do what I want. Whilst you are busy with my emails. Hahaha!!!!!!

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