When I was doing research on how to best to manage my weight and keep healthy I found out that keeping a food journal helps you stay on track. writing down what you had all day will help you with your gains and My Diet Coach if just the perfect app. Its a motivator and  journal all in one place. take your before pic and keep in mind what wil make the journey worth it are the results so just stick to it.

When you take on the challenge of a new weight loss plan, it’s easy to get discouraged at first. But what if you could install a little personal motivation right onto your device? With My Diet Coach, you’ll get just that.

Upload photos and notes that inspire you, reminders about what you want to eat and avoid, and weight loss and fitness goals.  You can even keep a food and exercise journal, and receive virtual prizes when you meet your goals. My Diet Coach is like having your very own motivational speaker everywhere you go.

I am an iPhone girl so I can say without a doublt these apps are available on the Apple App Store, when  checked it said they are also availabe on Google Play for all you Android peeps. They are all free and I love having them on my phone. Being health conscious or watching your weight shouldnt make you miserable and it shouldn’t be difficult either.

Do your best, make your life as easy as possible and enjoy your holiday NKB family.

Do you have health and fitness apps you cant live without ??? Gloss on and tell us more?

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