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Foods for skin is going to form part of a new series about the amazing healing powers of food. I have books that my mum bought for me when I started blogging, It’s a series of books about the healing powers of food. I would like to share the information that I read and learn from these books. You already know that eating certain foods like dark leafy greens is great for immune system and diabetes but did you know they are certain foods that will work wonders for your skin? From my research I’ve learnt that what you eat is just as important if not more important than the serum and creams you apply. I hope you enjoy this new series and I hope it’ll help you take better care of yourself and your skin.


Before we start I want to take a moment to be grateful about the blessing of life. We take so much for granted when we are busy living our lives. We forget that every breath is a gift that we should cherish and be grateful for. I want to be thankful for the life I have been given, take a moment to appreciate your life and this moment. 

I don’t know where that passage just came from but I just had to share. On a lighter note, today’s food of choice is going to be Cucumbers.

NB- I want to make a greater effort to share more helpful information on the blog and this is how the series will work – I will share a vegetable, fruit, legume or any other food type that is good for skin, arteries, blood and all that jazz. Then for the coming week till the next Thursday I will share a recipes with the Particular fruit or vegetable as the focus.

Cocombre as their known in french are great for cleansing and beautifying skin. They have a high water content, interesting fact, eating a cucumber is like drinking a glass water…… Boom, was your mind just blown by that fact? Mine was !!!!! 

Cucumbers are among the most water-rich foods out there. The next time you start feeling a light, healthy snack go for a cucumber. 

They are so great for your skin because they have the ability to rid your body of all the excess acidic waste, they are rehydrating plus they provide the skin with sulfur which is needed for healthy skin cells, nails and hair. 

If you suffer from Eczema this is just the vegetable for you. You can apply cucumbers straight on your skin as well as eat them. For the best results I suggest using cucumbers for their external and internal properties. 

Other amazing benefits of eating cucumber include helping with constipation, working as a laxative and obesity. If you want a filling vegetable that is low in calories say hi to the CUCUMBER. 

Do you like cucumbers? would you like me to share some recipes ? comment below and let me know 🙂



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