Breakfast Ideas for a Rushed Morning


It’s been a while since I’ve shared a foodie blog post and yet its one of my favorites. I have come to the realization that I have really horrible eating habits,  I forget to eat or I end up eating way too late in the day and considering I am a health blogger its honestly unacceptable. One of the reasons for my off-ish habits is normally laziness so I have decided I would come up breakfast meals I wouldn’t feel to lazy to make or eat. 

If being on time is something you treasure then making breakfast is probably the last thing on your mind. I have breakfast ideas for a rushed morning here that I next to making a cup of coffee. so if you’re one of those people who snooze their alarms 10 times every morning then end with 3mins to get out of the house then  I am your Santa in March, here with the gift of quicky breakfast meal ideas, lol!! 

Egg White Scramble

So my first breakfast idea is mayonnaise and cream cheese toast with cherry tomatoes on top. I love tomatoes and they are packed full of great nutrients. An added benefit is its on brown whole wheat bread. Keep rye, whole wheat, ciabatta bread in the house and you’ll always be two minutes away from making a satisfying breakie. 

Berry Smoothie

I love smoothies, I can live on smoothies, if you keep frozen fruit in the house making a smoothie will take you less than five minutes. If you find buying already frozen fruit way to expensive for your liking then don’t worry. You can do it yourself. On a Sunday head out to your closest fruit and vegetable market and get your favourite fruits, peel those that need peeling, cut the fruits that need cutting and pack them away in zip bags which you can purchase at any of your grocery stores and out them in the freezer. 

I love berries and the great thing about frozen blueberries and strawberries is on those extremely hot morning you wont need to add ice. The berries will make your smoothie just the right kind of COLD. Add some avo or oats to your smoothie to make thick and close your mason jar. You can even have this on the go whilst in a taxi to work. 

Avocado Smoothie

We all know we should eat our vegetables but if you are as Busy as my dearest mummy you then you don’t always have time to make healthy meals. when you come back from work you are too beat to eat let alone steam vegetables. I suggest getting your daily vegetable intake in the morning. Start your day off by eating an avocado , banana and spinach smoothie, heck go harm and add some barley grass to it and some OJ and honey to mask the grassy taste if you aren’t a fan. Green smoothies will keep you alert all through the day, an avocado is filling so this smoothie will have you full till lunchtime.  


Avocado Toast

Variety if the spice of life, I know for some people smoothies just aren’t filling enough. Try yourself out with guacamole on toast. This ciabatta and avocado toast is one of my favourite breakfast meals or snacks. if you’re a blogger and you spend your day stuck on your laptop this is a meal you can make whilst waiting on your coffee water to boil. How absolutely great is that ? 


Now this is a meal for the lazy and lazier. Granola, Plain yogurt and fruit. It’s cereal for royalty. Its easy really, add all the ingredients to a bowl, mason jar, lunch box, bowl and voila, you’ll be having breakfast. I chose Kiwi but you can add any other fruit of your choice . Mangoes seem to be season now so go ahead and add mango or banana. hey go crazy and blend your frozen fruits with your plain yogurt and you’ll get all the nutrients you need for an early morning.  

What are your favorite healthy breakfast meals that take less that 5mins to make? Share your meals and tag me on Facebook Or Instagram , I would really like to see what you make. 

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