“BLEEP” OFF WITH YOUR STANDARDS : I wasn’t born to be a wifey!!!!

It’s truth Thursday’s ladies and gentlemen. The time of the week when we discuss issues facing society. Today I will be ranting on about the mercurial term “wifey material”

As I grow up I realize they are so many going ons in our society that will almost guarantee women will forever be oppressed. Don’t get me wrong I am aware women are guilty of doing the same things or setting the same standards for men too but let’s be honest ‘we’ have names for women like that.

They are unbae-able, thots, gold diggers, lazy and other derogatory terms I would rather not type out.

This piece is an opinion and not a fact so bear with me as I rant on.

Firstly, I cannot stand the fact that a women has to meet some sort of standard to be deemed worthy for some insincere self absorbed prick who believes a woman can be dumbed down to a list of qualities that make her WORTHY to be HIS. The fact that a woman is expected to be no more than Ankara, cotton or silk_ apparatus for the performance of a given task is offensive to me.

The term “wifey material” to me, ingrains and strengthens the traditional view that women are inferior to men and their place is in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, bearing kids and washing clothes.

The fact that a woman has to be judged on a internal wifey scale in order to decide what she deserves is again offensive. I mean how many yards of wifey material makes a perfect fit.

Why do I have to be any less of a woman if I don’t like or enjoy the monotonous, boring task that is washing dishes. So what, because I hate doing something that I’m sure everyone hates doing I don’t meet the yard requirement.

You want me to be like your mum but if I say I’m looking for someone as rich as my dad. I either have daddy issues or I’m a gold digger. Does that sound fair to any of you?

Is the notion “wifey material” simply a fugazi and who determines the scale. Why is there so much value in a term that means nothing at all. So does it mean if someone drinks, smokes, wears short things therefore they aren’t worthy ??  If she disagrees with you, challenges you she ain’t wifey material?? Wifey material is the Big Foot of our generation. They are so many rumblings about the sightings of Big Foot but no one can attest to really having seen big foot.

What upsets me is if you go in the Internet and Google “wifey material” all you get is *cook* *cleaner* *nanny* all that nonsense and not words like *partner* *equal* *boss*. It’s this type of mentality that keeps taking us 50 years back.

The idea that there is a standard “wifey material” takes away from the institute of marriage and love.
Shouldn’t I be legible for marriage because I am ME and not because I can make a mean sadza and stew?

Why should I sacrifice my ultimate desires for a mate? Can’t I just go without till I find what I want and not sculpt myself to meet a standard that demeans my worth anyway?

Why should any of us Men/Women allow our self worth to be hastily measured against some bar like a soccer game.

Next time someone has the audacity to tell you, you ain’t wifey material, tell that stuck up, self absorbed  douché bag to F Off.

You are more than just a list, you are You and that’s beautiful abs amazing.

What do you all think about the notion if wifey or husband material ???



Let’s get everyone engaged in this conversation.

Thank you all for the support. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth


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  1. margaret
    21/05/2015 / 18:18

    When you look at and closely dissect the description of “wifey material” it is all to do with personalities of the men.
    When God created a woman it was after a realization that it was not good enough for man to live alone, that he was incomplete, he needed a suitable helper.
    Therefore, every woman is another man’s helper who might not be YOU BOY, so move on and stop condemning God’s creation.
    It is about complimenting and not starting a fresh.
    The problem is of inferiority complex on the part of the man. Therefore, tough luck.

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