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Hello NKB family,

My apologies for the silence yesterday, its been a really really busy, emotional and tiring couple of days. I haven’t figured out whats going on but as soon as I do I will be sure to tell you all about it. I think its going to make quite the story actually.

Clear,smooth and healthy youthful skin…. now thats the stuff my dreams are made of !!! I make an effort to get a couple of beauty items that make my dreams a closer reality.

I’ve already covered my favourite Fragrances and bath & body care products, so today we’re chatting about my top skin care picks.  The products that blew the socks off me in 2015.

They are the obvious parts of your body that you take care of without over thinking it and some that you have to think extra hard about and then they are other parts you don’t even think to cater to.

I hope you have your cup of coffee in hand coz I’m going to blab on now.


I am very pernickety about my skin. In fact i could go as far as to say I am obsessed about what goes on my face. I mean I respect my SO, the number of times the poor man has been told not to touch my face even when he’s trying to nice is ridiculous, that’s why obsessed I am.

It’s not me though, is my skin, its fussy. The smallest things could cause it to break out. And its because of these reasons that I am the way I am. It’s because of my fastidious skin that I rarely try too many products on my face; black opal is one of those product lines that never fail to impress. I have never reacted to a black opal product. They work wonders on my skin.

♥ The Black Opal Deep Treatment Brightening Scrub has to be without a doubt one of the best store bought scrubs I’ve used yet. It has micro beads that work well not to over scrub your face but removes impurities.  It has a shear buttery scent, its white and creamy with jojoba oil that leaves your skin replenished, refined and smooth.

You should see my mum use this products, the black opal team would be so flattered. She enjoys using it after a hot, sweaty and busy day. I stick to my routine and use it just twice a week coz , well miss  fussy here could just change colours on me, lol

♥ Black Opal Pore  Refining Toner. Te black opal team was so not playing around when they sat down to put together formulations for the  Black Opal TRUE EVEN. My rosewater finished a couple of days after i got back to zim and I wasn’t quite sure what I could possibly use that would work for my skin so i opted for the Black Opal TRUE EVEN toner since the scrub was already a trusted friend of mine. Its refreshing, its gentle on the skin, its cleansing and truelove refining. I love it. 

I will share a review of the collection of Black Opal TRUE EVEN PRODUCTS soon

♥ FOREVER PRODUCTS ALOE VERA GELLY , I know it was in my Bath and Body Edition  but I love love it. check out why in my previous post. 

best of beauty 2015

Oh So Heavenly is always amongst my favs, their hand lotion like the Eucerin and Body Shop hand cream are nourishing and great for my small nail bitten hands. These hand creams all nourish, moisturise and hydrate dry hands. The best of them all when it comes to scent has to be the Body Shop hand cream. The Eucerin one I love because it is meant for sensitive skin and since madam irritation is always standing right by my door step I do my best not to invite her in.

Thank you so much for keeping posted. What are your fav SKIN CARE Products in 2015 ?

What are your BEST OF THE BEST products of 2015 ?

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      13/01/2016 / 12:06

      Hey Nyasha, thank you so much. I use it for everything.

    • Miriam Maulana
      13/01/2016 / 12:06

      I love your blog too, you are doing great

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