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…was clear SKIN, but Santa wasn’t delivering. I did everything, I was a good girl, I put milk and cookies by the fire place and Santa was a no show! Ended up eating the goodies myself, we can discuss chubbiness on another day, LOL.  After that epic fail I took my skin care from childish fantasy and into my own hands. I will be the first to admit I don’t have the most perfect skin even though lately it feels pretty perfect compared to what it was. Ladies and Gentleman, I’ve stumbled upon the Rolls Royce of skin care routines and Oh My Word its working miracles for my skin. Beautiful people I know I can’t be the only person who struggles with acne break-outs as well as sensitive oily acne prone skin so i’m sharing what works for me hoping it will help someone else or lead them in the right direction. I went natural with most of the stuff I use on my face because I was tired of persistent break outs, hyper pigmentation, a shiny face and constant disappointment from products that promised me the results I was looking for.  They are alternative ingredients or products to the ones I use for your particular skin type. Remember, if you have a range of products that works for you then great, stick to it. Its funny how when you get to your twenties you believe that’s the end of your battle with acne and  its that time for clear skin and crazy adventures,well apparently not.  Enough of the sob story, lets get into the fun detail, IMG_2592   MY MORNING ROUTINE First things first, I have my jar of water that I keep on my bed side then wash my hands before I touch my face.

  • I use my Dudu Osun African Black soap (has natural ingredients like lemon, honey, Shea butter, etc), i use my hands in the morning and not my face brush coz i have sensitive skin and using the brush twice is too harsh for me.
  • I follow this my mixing ground oats with a little bit of water and putting them on my face before i head into the shower. I keep the oats on my face for 10 mins and then rinse them off the shower. I use oatmeal on my face because it  helps heal blemishes and repair damaged skin, Oatmeal has skin-soothing properties and it is hypoallergenic and it helps the skin retain moisture.
  • When I’m done showering I use my Rosewater and Witch hazel toner . This toner is seriously so gentle and one of the only ones I have ever used that calms my skin down. It refreshes, shrinks pores and is a great last step that ensures I have removed everything off of my face.
  • I then moisturize my face with Rose hip Oil and  Sweet Almond oil. For when I do get a breakout or a pimple I have been using tea tree oil. I put a couple drops of the tea tree oil on a cotton bud/q-tip and blot the tea tree oil on the break out. Tea tree oil is a great alternative to other topical acne creams with lots of harsh chemicals.


  • Step one of my skin care routine is mainly for the days I spend with make up on. Instead of using make wipes I use coconut oil and a wash cloth with warm water. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial so it combats all of the bacteria that can be on your face from your long day. I use organic coconut oil (you can find it practically anywhere!) I rub a tiny bit all over my face & then with a wash cloth that is damp with warm water I wipe all of it off. This step removes almost 100% of the makeup & my face feels so soft and clean. Coconut oil has also been known to shrink pores, fix fine lines, & it’s a seriously amazing moisturize.
  • After I’ve removed all my make up I use my african black soap and my face brush (for gentle exfoliation) to wash my face once again, just to make sure i remove all the dirt and bacteria and show my face more love ;-). They call this the double cleansing method.
  • The third step in my nightly skin care routine is Rosewater and Witch hazel toner.
  •  Followed by moisturizing my face with Rose hip Oil and  Sweet Almond oil as well as break out spot treating.
A few tips..
• Drink lots of water, as this helps keep your skin hydrated.
• Avoid products with harsh chemicals and unnecessary perfumes, as these may irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.
• Antioxidants found in foods such as berries and tea help keep your body healthy and toxins at bay!
• Wash your hands before you touch your face. You get in contact with so much dirt and bacteria and you wouldn’t want to transfer that to your face. If you use makeup often, clean your tools, brushes and makeup, as bacteria can build up and cause breakouts.
• Sleep is very important. Get some!

So this is it, this is what I’ve been doing to keep my skin and I happy. There will be more on skin care coming soon, sorry I hadn’t posted in a while, I was busy with school but I’m Back and I have loads to share with you all. Please feel free to comment and ask questions if you have any or if there’s anything you would like me to discuss.


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