• Health Apps to help you stay on track this Christmas

    Health Apps to help you stay on track this Christmas

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    Happy Holidays NKB. I hope you’re all having a blessed day and you are enjoying your Christmas. Seeing as its Monday I figured we would start with a little motivation.

    I pride myself on doing my best to stay on track with eating healthy, unless of course faced with a plate of french fries, then I just cant resist i’ll have to have them. Its the holidays and the food is amazing and yummy but because we’ll probably be waking up late, moving around a lot, drinking too much (you know, silly season behaviors) I thought it would be a great idea to share with you all some of my favorite health apps. These are applications that help me stay on track with the small things.

    Nowadays we spend so much time on our smart phones anyways and for some your smartphone is already your best work out buddy, right?!

    Great then, these health apps should make sticking to your fitness, eating, exercise goals as easy as eating pie.

    I have to start by confessing that I am the biggest procrastinator out there. I can get to the point of starving whilst in bed sometimes and having alarms and reminders helps me a lot. My apps work as my conscience.

    This is how it normally goes: I remember that I should be drinking my second 500 ml bottle of water, I postpone it because going to the kitchen means getting out of bed, stepping on the cold floor and going to the kitchen will be a reminder than I postponed eating 30mins ago. As Miriam and Miriam are having this back and forth about whether or not eating and drinking is even necessary there a  “ding” noise and you guessed its a reminder from one of my apps which for me means the reasonable, non-procrastinating Miriam  wins, I get out of bed, make something to eat and I do what I am supposed to be doing.


    Water is a very important part of our daily lives, when you are busy gong around running errands or sometimes just sitting at home drinking water is the last thin on your mind. Well you don’t have to try too hard to remember anymore, Water Logged is just what the doctor ordered








    You’re not drinking enough water. We can help with charts and reminders (upgrade) to keep you going. Every 6 seconds, someone around the world is using Waterlogged to track & improve their daily water intake. Works with Fitbit & more.

    Simply Yoga

    I get head aches easily and sometimes I believe my muscles are lazy. No matter how much a stretch after a work out I always seem to be in pain the next day so I’ve resorted to yoga. which is why I figured this should feature here. No matter where you are you will be able to take a moment in the morning, stretch, relax your mind and gear up for the fun ahead,(I mean woosa, anyone?!).

    As the name implies, Simply Yoga’s mission is to keep yoga simple: in this case, free, comprehensive, and right at your fingers. Beginners have a range of “Level One” class options in 20, 40, and 60-minute increments. There are a total of 30 poses, all presented via video format for easy viewing and parroting. Challenge yourself by moving on to the next level once you feel comfortable.

    Fitness Buddy

    Do you ever go to the gym feeling so lazy and out of it, its like you forget what to even do. well this app right here is the bestest buddy you could ever ask for. It will help you out with the kind of work-outs you should be doing. I love its available both on Apple and Android.

     videos, and full workout routines available, Fitness Buddy may just become your new best friend.

    Choose from more than 75 customizable workouts, 1,000 videos, and 1,700 exercises to find the one that matches your lifestyle, goal, and fitness level. Over 4,000 photos help you learn the proper way to exercise without the threat of injury.

    Tracking software lets you assess your weight and body measurements through easy-to-use graphs.

     My Diet Coach

     When I was doing research on how to best to manage my weight and keep healthy I found out that keeping a food journal helps you stay on track. writing down what you had all day will help you with your gains and My Diet Coach if just the perfect app. Its a motivator and  journal all in one place. take your before pic and keep in mind what wil make the journey worth it are the results so just stick to it.

    When you take on the challenge of a new weight loss plan, it’s easy to get discouraged at first. But what if you could install a little personal motivation right onto your device? With My Diet Coach, you’ll get just that.

    Upload photos and notes that inspire you, reminders about what you want to eat and avoid, and weight loss and fitness goals.  You can even keep a food and exercise journal, and receive virtual prizes when you meet your goals. My Diet Coach is like having your very own motivational speaker everywhere you go.

    I am an iPhone girl so I can say without a doublt these apps are available on the Apple App Store, when  checked it said they are also availabe on Google Play for all you Android peeps. They are all free and I love having them on my phone. Being health conscious or watching your weight shouldnt make you miserable and it shouldn’t be difficult either.

    Do your best, make your life as easy as possible and enjoy your holiday NKB family.

    Do you have health and fitness apps you cant live without ??? Gloss on and tell us more?

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