Top 5 Favourites #ClicksCurls


I met amazing people, I danced, I drank champagne and most of all I learnt a lot about natural hair. Every time I look back at the #clickscurls event I am ever so grateful for the chance to be there. On the 16th of September, I went to the #clickscurls haircare event/fair courtesy of the Clicks PR team. I am sure you are trying to imagine what it’s all about? let me break it down for you. It was afro’s, curls, kinks, coils every everywhere. 

Women in their dozens, walking around from one stand to the next, learning about the products they see in isles. It’s an opportunity to ask all the questions you have every time you are in Clicks trying to make your buying decisions. I attended the #clickscurls event which was held at Spier Wine Farm in Stelenbosch. It is the most beautiful place, it was all green, the sun had come out to play with tropical scents in the air from the coconut, mint, fruits, shea butter, and some amazing tropical oils. 


The clicks organised a couple of curl talks. We learnt a lot from the discussion forums. They taught us how to take care of natural hair, hair needs and natural hair styling. The auditorium was always packed and we learnt a great deal from industry professionals. As you all know I am a product lover (probably in denial about the fact that I am a product hoarder and junkie. Seriously speaking, I need a separate room for my hair care products, lol. My excuse is, its part of my job, I try the products, then I give you guys reviews, tips and tricks on how to use the products. 


Before I jump into the reason for the blog post as if the event wasn’t already amazing. I met Nomzamo Mbatha (screams). She is such an inspiration. A true sign of how far hard work and passion will take you. 


Now grab your coffee, tea or smoothie and let’s get right into it. All the brands that took part in the clicks curls event brought their A-game. The stands looked amazing, it goes a long way in showing you just how much effort they probably put in putting together the products we use on our hair. I found comforting to know, I am not just spending my money, lol. 



I have been using Garnier for a while now and their Ultimate Blends Collections are one of my favourites. I have all of them hahaha. Like seriously, I am obsessed.  The Ultimate Blends Collections focus on different hair care needs. If your hair needs strengthening, restoration. moisture or just that extra touch they got you. 




One of my all time favourite shampoos has to be the TRESemme Naturals with aloe vera and avocado shampoo. It has always been my most trusted shampoo. Which is why when the TRESemme Botanics range launched, I had to try it. 

This stuff smells so amazing, its addictive. The Botanics shampoo and conditioner is formulated with coconut milk and aloe-vera as the main ingredients. I don’t know about you but they had me at Botanics. Coconut Milk is great for nourishing and softening your hair. Aloe vera has many benefits that we have to save it for a separate Botanics blog post review. 


L’oreal Elvive

L'oreal Elvive #clickscurls

The first time I used this shampoo I was so amazed and how it works. I had the best “wow” moment. The L’oreal Elvive Shampoo does not foam, whaaaat!!!. You apply and massage into your scalp for three minutes then rinse off. Your hair is left feeling soft, moisturised and clean. You would think it doesn’t do the job because it doesn’t foam but you’ll be in for one of the best surprises. 

Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture #clickscurls

Before the #clickscurls event, I had never used the any Shea Moisture Products in my life. Like you, I always wondered if they would be worth the hype. I’ve had them on my wishlist for the longest time, you know us bloggers. I needed to have the whole range so I could review it for you. 

Their Jamaican black castor oil strengthens and restores leave-in conditioner is out of this world. I’ve had for two weeks now and I have no idea how I’ve been going on without it. As you most probably know, I bleached my hair about 9 months or so ago and have since been dealing with the downs of hair bleaching. My hair’s porosity changed and as result, it gets dry very quickly. This leave-in conditioner really does live up to its promise.

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale  

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale

L.O.C and abbreviation all natural love and hate. In order to keep your hair moisturised it is important to always lock in the moisture in your hair. Finding the right products or butter to do this isn’t always easy. The C in L.O.C stands for cream/butter. When I returned natural I was so out of touch with all this. Natural hair rules just seemed over the top. I wasn’t at all sure if hair food counted as the C. Thanks to brands like Dark & Lovely the C in L.O.C is the least of my worries. It seals in moisture, my hair eats it up like hotcakes and I love the way it works. 

Special Mention: I could go on and on talking about natural hair the products that I love. I am sure you guys know this about me already. In order to keep this blog post short, I have to stop here.Some of the brands I am totally loving from the #clickscurls event are ORS, Afro Bontanics and Cantu. 

Let me know if you would be interested in reading reviews on any of the products mentioned and I will get right on it. 

PS : These goodies can be found on promotion RIGHT NOW over the Beauty Fair period – #ClicksBeautyFair



  1. Tumisho
    28/09/2017 / 14:44

    Please review the Garnier collection, I have been meaning to try it but I’m a little skeptical, I’m not sure if it’s meant for my 4c hair.

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 14:48

      Sure love. I am trying too figure out if I should make it a blog post or YouTube video

  2. Bev
    28/09/2017 / 14:53

    Hi Miriam, love your blog! I’ve been natural for the past 5 months rocking a ‘twa’ Reading the blogs, watching the tutorials trying different products etc. I’ve always wanted to try the Tresseme Botanics range!

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 15:08

      I was afraid out would disappoint before I tried it but I am glad I did. Thank you for the support Bev

  3. Refilwe
    28/09/2017 / 15:12

    Hi Miriam, could you please please review the shea moisture products. I really would like to know if they are worth it or not because they are soo expensive. Also, what do you do with all the products you review? Like do you add them to your stable products or do you give them away?

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 15:37

      The ones that I like I use religiously and keep for my collection. The rest I usually give took family and friends if they are any left overs.

  4. 28/09/2017 / 15:21

    I always have major FOMO because I live in Johannesburg now and couldn’t attend the curls event but thank you for this post,I felt like I was there. The Garnier Sleek Restorer is one of my favourite ranges,absolutely love it and of course My Natural Hair range.

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 15:40

      Haha hahaha hahaha at least you live in JHB where things happen on a regular. Lol imagine some of us Eastern Cape dwellers. Glad you enjoyed the post love

      • 04/10/2017 / 07:20

        That’s also true hey, I will start counting my blessings hahaha

  5. Yolanda Chimonyo
    28/09/2017 / 16:01

    This is so cool cause I’ve been struggling to find the best combination of products. Very helpful thanks

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 16:52

      My pleasure

  6. Rethabile
    28/09/2017 / 16:03

    Arg hey seeetie been growing my natural hair for a while now and pretty much struggling as I am not really familiar normally I cut my hair ,so I was wondering which products do you use daily ? As I’m trying to repair my damaged hairline

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 18:22

      Whenever I have my hair out I follow the L.O.C Method. Liquid (water or leave in conditioner) Oil and then a cream or butter to lock in the moisture. I spritz my hair with water on a daily basis (you can mix your water with conditioner or Aloe Vera juice) before using a mixture of oils. I would recommend the Aunt Jackie’s Soft All Over Oil Blend or the Earthy oil blend if you don’t want to spend too much on buying the oils separately. Some of my favourite oils to use are Jojoba, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Coconut oil as basis mixed with Lavender, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. I then follow that buy using Shea butter, or my trusted Earthy butter mix ( its amazing. It has Mango butter, Shea butter and a whole lot more).

      I have a detailed blog post on how to moisturise you natural hair and keep it healthy. You can have a look at that as well.

      As for your hairline, I suggest not messing with it too much. Give it time to grow. Use oils, the Dr Miracles Nape and Hairline growth moisturizer. I have also heard great things about the Virgin Hair Fertilizer and 4ZZZ.

      Also remember to keep hydrated and to eat for your hair. Treat your hair from the inside too.

  7. Pertunia
    28/09/2017 / 16:18

    Hi Miriam, please review the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Afro Moisturizing Butter. I’m currently using it and I don’t really like it so I would like to hear what you think of the product☺

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 16:37

      What don’t you like about the it. I’ll be sure to write a review for you

      • Pertunia
        30/09/2017 / 13:31

        A review would be great

        My hair dries out really quick after using the product. Please advise on how to use it for better results.

        This is how I’ve been using it: I spritz my hair with water on a daily basis then apply the moisturizing butter.

  8. Tshima
    28/09/2017 / 16:46

    Love the two puffs hairstyle watched your video on how you did them. #obsessed

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 16:53

      Thank you love. I love that hairstyle too

  9. Keitumetsi Motlhale
    28/09/2017 / 17:13

    I have heard great reviews about these products and my friends and I would appreciate this hamper since we transitioning to natural hair. Fingers crossed xo

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 17:45

      Thats exciting. Welcome to the natural hair gang

  10. Asma
    28/09/2017 / 19:30

    Awww really love your honest reviews on all products from cheap to expensive! Keep IT up❤

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 20:11

      Ncccaw Thank you so much

  11. Chloe
    28/09/2017 / 19:46

    I’m so glad you reviewed the shea moisture line. I always saw people raving about it online and I needed to know if it was worth the R280. Definitely going to try this next❤

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/09/2017 / 20:10

      I might get a chance to try their whole range so keep an eye out here or on my youtube channel

  12. 28/09/2017 / 20:23

    Cant wait to try alk these

  13. Luzaane
    28/09/2017 / 23:20

    I love trying new products as on the list is elvive and the dark and lovely products. Thanks for the reviews.

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 04:39

      Thank you ❤❤❤

  14. Carolyn Augustus
    29/09/2017 / 06:12

    Will defs be giving the Garnier Ultimate Blends Collections a go now. Have only been hearing great things about it but your stamp of approval seals the deal for me.

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 06:26

      Thats so s sweet love. I always make sure i try these before I suggest them. Let me know which of the ranges you decide on

  15. 29/09/2017 / 07:06

    I’ve tried the Tresemme Botanics range, I definitely prefer it for my weaves and wigs over my natural hair but I trust the cantu and dark and lovely range for my Afro they work wonders! can’t wait to try out all your other recommendations.. thanks for the post

  16. Vuyo
    29/09/2017 / 09:18

    I’m very curious to hear your review on the Shea Moisture products, Ive beeen waiting for a South African review Awesome new tuts by the way !

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 10:01

      Thank you Vuyo. I am building the collection. Im tired of the American reviews on these products. Our climate is different. Hopefully they are worth the hype

  17. Odwa Masina
    29/09/2017 / 09:58

    Hope my entry will win. ☺☺

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 10:02

      Fingers crossed ❤

  18. Keziah
    29/09/2017 / 10:33

    Wow!!! This blog is amazing!! I’ve always wanted to try out Shea moisture too! Will defs be trying it out after your review! I also entered your competition.. ⚘

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 10:35

      Glad you did all the best. Thank you for checking the blog out. You’re a star. ❤❤❤

  19. Jessica
    29/09/2017 / 11:19

    Hi. The Clicks curl event sounds like it was amazing. I would love to know more about cantu and ORS curls unleashed. I have heard so much great things about Cantu, i would love to try these products. I returned to natural hair 4 years ago, and im constantly looking for products that help maintain healthy and strong hair. Thanks for the review.

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 11:46

      I got you girl. Keep a eye out. I’ll have it here or on my channel

  20. Keisha Pillay
    29/09/2017 / 11:30

    These ideas are amazing. Definitely going to try them out. Yay! Thank you.

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 11:46

      Always a pleasure

  21. 29/09/2017 / 11:56

    Love this blog! Thank you for the reviews.
    After years of flat ironing my hair I’ve finally come to embrace my big hair with super tight curls. Would love to try out the Loreal products on my hair ! Always looking for new products & home remedies to improve the dryness and frizzyness and breakage

    • Miriam Maulana
      29/09/2017 / 12:01

      Its an absolute pleasure dear. Thank you.

  22. Nandi
    29/09/2017 / 12:57

    Great article!!! I’m restarting my Afro journey, so I’ll be taking these tips at heart. Thank you!

  23. Tracy-Lee Matthews
    29/09/2017 / 13:33

    Such a great event I took my mom along and she loved it. I saw you there, wish I had said hi. I love the Shea moisture range. I’ve been using it for a few months but Clicks has been out of stock for a while now. I really appreciated the full sized products that we got. I would recommend the shea moisture range to any naturalista out there.

  24. 29/09/2017 / 19:17

    I would so love this!!!!! ❤❤❤ I’ve never won anything before.

  25. Afika
    29/09/2017 / 20:43

    Maintaining natural afro hair can be a lot of work, we certainly do not have it easy. But thanks to such blogs we are now able to look after our hair and have it looking amazing. Keep doing what you do sweetheart, you are an inspiration

  26. Cynthia
    30/09/2017 / 05:48

    I am so thankful that we live in a time where information about natural hair care is so accessible. Thanks to Clicks for providing us with those products we would have previously had to order online and also bloggers who are willing to share their stories and guide us on how to also reach our hair goals. You guys are so inspirational.

  27. 30/09/2017 / 07:38

    Wish I got the chance to go anyway that’s next year’s goal

  28. Katlego
    30/09/2017 / 13:47

    It’s my first time on this blog and I must say I’m amazed at the reviews. I’ve just started my natural hair journey and these reviews get me so excited to grow an Afro.
    I just don’t know where to start because there’re so many reviews. Where do I start?
    I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for the competition entry.

    • Miriam Maulana
      04/10/2017 / 05:27

      Start small, write down your hair needs and worn from there. Its called building a hair-profile. Follow that by buying the products that suite your needs

  29. 01/10/2017 / 01:09

    I love your blog and YouTube videos. Have been watching for a year and you’re one of my favourite SA beauty bloggers. I’ve been natural for two years and also currently living in Grahamstown. True fan so I’m holding thumbs and crossing fingers for the giveaway

    • Miriam Maulana
      04/10/2017 / 05:25

      Thank you shop much for the support Kholosa. I really appreciate it. I am glazed you’re enjoying the content ❤❤❤

  30. Zamangwe
    01/10/2017 / 11:42

    This is amazing, I’ve been looking for a South African Natural hair blogger❤️

    • Miriam Maulana
      04/10/2017 / 05:23

      Yay, welcome to the family

  31. 02/10/2017 / 05:16

    Your blog is really empowering for the rest of us who are on the natural hair journey! Looking forward to more of your hair-tips and giveaways. ☺️

    • Miriam Maulana
      02/10/2017 / 05:23

      Thank you so m much. It makes me happy to hear that ❤❤❤

  32. Tira
    02/10/2017 / 05:27

    I love you4 blog posts and YouTube videos. They have really helped me on my journey♡♡

    • Miriam Maulana
      02/10/2017 / 06:47

      Thank you love. I am glad I could help boo

  33. Mmabatho "RixMix" Nkoana
    04/10/2017 / 00:28

    Very interesting. Clicks has always did their best to product women with Curly hair with the best products.

  34. Danayi
    06/10/2017 / 10:10

    Hi Miriam followed you from Instagram. I’m loving your blog and definitely subscribed. I had no idea L’oreal has products for us curly girls. I’m a curl 4 c girl and need help with products that work for my hair type. Looking forward to more posts

  35. Nyash
    06/10/2017 / 22:03

    Hi Miriam
    I started my natural hair journey nearly two years ago, I’ve fallen in love with my hair texture and I’m so glad I came across your blog! I’m really interested in trying out the shea moisture products…especially the leave in conditioner! Any suggestions on what products I can use to bring out my curl pattern?

  36. Nyash
    06/10/2017 / 23:02

    Hi Miriam

    I started my natural hair journey two years ago and I’ve come to love my natural hair. I can’t wait to try the shea moisture products…especially the leave-in conditioner!
    Can you suggest any products I can use to enhance my curl pattern?

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