Take back control of your lines 

Middle finger to the standards of skinny, unmarred perfection.

Middle finger to all those that have bullied you about it, all those who cringe when they look at your stretch marks.

It’s a difficult uphill journey. Some people don’t understand what it’s really like looking in the mirror and hating what you look like. Imagining just how better of you’d be without your ‘imperfections’

Some people don’t understand what it feels like when they look at you and cringe or shy away from you. The annoying chats from the stretch mark “experts”  who just can’t help but give you advice on how to get rid of your stretch marks or fix yourself

One thing I have learnt is flaws aren’t universal. When I was doing research for this post I read so many things that just annoyed me.

I am a supporter of looking after ones self but I just can’t stand the overblown ideal of eternal youth and the insane cult of people who seem to only be interested in having other people feel bad about themselves. I mean seriously do you always have to scrutinize other people and say something negative and mean

Just because you spy someone’s acne scars, stretch marks or muffin too with your little eye does not give you the right to give unsolicited advice.

A friend of mine obsessed over his ugly stretch marks. Puberty did a number on him and the so called lines of Satan make him uncomfortable. What saddens me is he isn’t the only one. My other friend can’t get dressed in front of a mirror. She hates the way she looks so much such that she spends  a fortunes on creams and oils to help fade her marks, bio oil owes a lifetime membership for the support she’s given them!!!

I get it though. I get why people feel the way they do! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have us all wanting to be perfect.  Constantly looking and comparing ourselves to other people.

Stretch marks are for some reason considered a sign of shame, which they aren’t. I have a couple on my back but I don’t mind them. I panic though every time I think I see stretch marks coming on. I too am I victim of media and the idea of perfection. I mean who doesn’t want to be flawless, right !!!

Let me not keep going on and on, I want to say your stretch marks aren’t shameful. They aren’t an imperfection!!! Let’s all fight the culture of air brushing our imperfections. The idea that we have to be blemish free to be beautiful.

Your imperfections make you who you are, they are perfect.

Remember it’s about you. Your health, your beauty and everything in between.

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  1. margaret
    05/05/2015 / 05:37

    There is so much we do and say to others that is so hurtful. Stratch marks, acne, weight loss, weight gain, complexion is actually what makes us unique. Sometimes they are a result of underlying stresses of life so how do we live with ourselves if we make funny of someone who is struggling.
    Lord have mercy.
    Keep up the good work and keep reminding us of being polite and feel for others. If we dont have advice lets not comment cause it doesnt add value.

    • 05/05/2015 / 06:21

      Hi Margaret, thank you for following. I agree with you! Like the saying goes if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything!”

      Share with all the amazing women you know to encourage them to love their lines and know it doesn’t make them any less beautiful or sexy!!!!!

  2. margaret
    05/05/2015 / 19:19

    Well just a sider my brother in law, born and bred in Zimbabwe but decided to migrate to a neighboring country said the most outrageous thing I have ever heard as a comment.
    Iam currently in SA for the Africa Health Summit as a VIP guest from Zimbabwe. I represent a company from which am proud of in terms of the contribution we have done to society and which as the leader have done so proffessionally, the reason why I had an all expenses paid trip by a Germany company to SA.
    However, during a conversation he said in vernacular, munobhadhara here ma zimbabweans, meaning and I translate “why would you even consider coming to the exhibition since you are not capable of paying for the equipment you might be interested in buying” I was shocked to say the least.
    I get so annoyed when fellow zimbabweans think I am an idiot just because I did not decide to migrate for whatever reason not yet apparent to me.
    Honestly, I dont judge the zimbabweans who decided to cross the boarders and neither do I expect to be judged by anyone.
    Its something very personal and not to be questioned by anyone unless they have walked my journey.
    Just like stretch marks they are mine if you can’t offer a solution to them shut the hell up!!!!!!!!

    • 05/05/2015 / 19:27

      I agree a 100% and a lot of the times I always want to say to people “walk a mile in my shoes. See what I see. Hear what I hear. Feel what I feel then maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do. Until then, don’t judge me!!!”

  3. Shamie
    06/05/2015 / 18:51

    wow thank you so much for helping with this information of scretch marks,now i know they are mine and there is no need for me to have low esteem for things i cant change.thank u so much for sharing i will share with others,keep the good work, keep helping

    • 06/05/2015 / 21:09

      I’m glad you like it. Do share with other women and empower them too. Embracing you lines will make you happier, you will feel more confident and beautiful

  4. margaret
    07/05/2015 / 05:43

    Shamie stretch marks and a whole lot of other things peculiar to us women are mostly hormonal. Therefore do not and I repeat do not allow anyone male or female to batter your beautiful self esteem coz for all you know each and everyone of us has got them somewhere from our souls to the physical. Yours are bettter of coz they are physical are visible and easy to deal with that than those we have tagged away somewhere in our subconscious. Be encouraged. You are fearfully and wonderfully crafted from by your creator and God loves. You.

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