Review : L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist

 L'oréal Infallible Fixing Mist

L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist

The L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist has become one of the most favoured items in my makeup collection and considering that i love makeup in general this says a lot about the L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist. A review of this product is  almost going to seem biased. The L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist is relatively new to the South African Market, I recently repurchased it after testing it out about a month or two ago. 

A setting spray isn’t really a necessary step if you aren’t going to be wearing makeup all day but I personally enjoy using it. I want to make sure my makeup sets and stays all and doesn’t melt off my face. This is likely considering how oily my face is. 

Applying makeup has a couple of steps and following through with these steps allows you to prolong the wear of your foundation and contour. Considering how much effort it sometimes takes to fill in eyebrows and to get that smokey eye to look the way you want it to, I’m not about to get to my function or lunch date with half my makeup on some blotting paper. 

If you’re interested in finding out if the  L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist lives up to the hype and manages to ensure your makeup continues to look freshly applied all day then grab a cup of tea, coffee or a snack and keep reading 😉  

L’oréal aren’t afraid to brag about their anti-melt, anti-fade and anti-crack formula. But does it actually live up to those impressive claims?

L'oréal Infallible Fixing Mist

L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist ♥ R179,95 

So first things first a setting/finishing  spray is a product that settles powder products to give the skin a smooth, non-cakey airbrushed finish. It breaks down the chalky flat finish that you can sometimes get when you get powder happy. I contour with a powder and have oily skin so i have to set my makeup with a powder most of the time, the L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist melts that powder and leaves my skin with a natural, airbrushed look. 


The L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist comes in a 100ml bottle so a little goes a long way. I don’t wear makeup everyday (I could say I wear makeup 5/7) days and I haven’t even made a dent out of this bottle. It has a microfine, light liquid that looks slightly cloudy. Don’t expect a product that looks like a the MAC Fix+ . The spray is really good and goes the distance, to apply the spray, you need to shake the bottle well before use and hold it around 20/25cm away from the spray and spritz in an X & T motion

L'oréal Infallible Fixing Mist

L'oréal Infallible Fixing Mist

The L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist adheres to the skin to form a film, a film that protects the skin and your makeup against humidity and heat or stops the oil from seeping in through your skin. The L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist has a synthetic ingredient that allows it to set you make up and stop in from melting. 

One of the main causes for makeup-fading is humidity, heat or sebum and the L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist works against that. From the moment I spray this on my face I n feel it working. I feel my skin mattifying and tightening and for individuals with really dry skin this might be a problem. I don’t mind this and so far it hasn’t caused my skin any issues which is a plus. 

The  L’oréal Infallible Fixing Mist doesn’t dry out my skin at all, I’ve found it does set on the face and once it sets you cannot feel it. It doesn’t matter which foundation and concealer I use, makeup around my T-Zone eventually succumbs to the oiliness of my skin and doesn’t hold up well and I find it so difficult to make it last throughout the day. However now my foundation lasts all day when I use this and what I really like about this is how it makes my makeup look throughout the day. Plus I like the way it smells. it’s lightly fragranced but not in a way that would irritate sensitive skin. 

I’ve been using this setting spray for three months now and it is without a doubt a product I will constantly repurchase. It is a very affordable setting spray and it does the job. It isn’t the only setting spray I’ve used but so far it is one of favourites. I am sure they are better setting sprays out there but for now- for the price + benefit I give this spay ♥♥♥♥½




  1. samposseltdotcom
    09/06/2016 / 18:59

    I am always in awe at how beautiful your Blog is! STUNNING post!!! ❤

    • Miriam Maulana
      09/06/2016 / 19:08

      Thank you Sam, Coming from you thats such a great compliment. Feeling motivated <3 🙂

  2. 08/07/2016 / 07:54

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Wow! #BloggerGoals

    Lovely review. I’ve been wanting to purchase this, but have 3 bottles of setting spray at the moment, but I think when Dischem runs one of those ‘buy 2 get 3rd one free’ promos again, I’m going to grab a bottle of this.

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