I was FAT Shamed

Stop obsessing over weight loss and  be healthier.


Hey NKB family,

I honestly don’t think I could be characterised as someone who is overly emotional or someone who allows what other people think affect the way I feel about myself . This time it was different !


I’ve always been on the border of ‘normal’ and chubby. I can’t remember ever having a flat tummy. Its always been the way it is, even when I lose weight my tummy is the one thing that fights my hustle. When magazines and bloggers talk about stubborn fat I know exactly what they are going on about. 


My story 

I was in a pharmacy trying to get medication recently when the woman behind the till says to me “the medication I wanted was safe for non breast feeding mothers” , I told her I wasnt a mother and she went on to contort her face, look at my tummy in disdaina and odium and continued without apologising. She looked at me like I was a disgrace to all women in the world.


Mind you my tummy isnt that big and even if it was I dont understand why people want to make other people’s weight their business. I have never I understood why people want to talk about how much weight you’ve gained or how fat you’ve gained if they havent eeen you in a while.

I hate it, what makes it worse or what made this particularly painful for me was this woman doesnt care about me, she probably wont even remember the next time she sees me. She wasnt talking about how fat I was because she was worried about my health. No,  is just one of those insensitive f*cks that think its their business to make other people feel  horrible about themselves.


I remember feeling so hurt I almost shed tears because of this stranger. Then I had to remind myself that it doesnt matter what anyone thinks of me or my body. I believe as long as I am healthy and as long as I take care of my body I shouldnt allow anyone to make me feel less about myself.

Why do people find pleasure in bringing down others, why are we so set on believing there is only one standard of beauty. Imagine a world with only kind of flower, is that really a world you would enjoy living in. Fat shamming doednt encourage people to be healthier, it just breaks their spirits.

Little Black Dress

Black Dress| LEGIT Shoes | MK Bag |Photo Credit Keitumetse Kekana Shakes Photography

Allow me to be my unique self, to love the body and skin I am in. I will work out to be a healthier me. I will eat better for my health.

I will never wish I was someone else so you shouldnt either. I love my body, skin, hair and face just the way it is. My promise to myself is I will never allow anyone to break my spirit.

If you are wondering what the picture is all about. Its the promise I made to myself the other day as my throat tightened and my eyes watered because of some women who didnt give a damn about what kind of an effect her words could have.

I am going to eat healthy and I am going to remind myself everyday that  I am a pretty, beautiful, intelligent flower and whoever thinks otherwise can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Remember you are Beautidul, you are sexy, you are unique. They are a million flowers and all are beautiful in their own right and the same goes for us all.  I wouldn’t want to live in a world with just one kind of flower , would you ?

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  1. 22/12/2015 / 10:31

    Some person, who is honestly really fat and shames herself by making it known her body is huge, said to me I have gained weight, and I needed to make a plan…
    my thoughts was excuse me fatty but I actually chose to be this and the boys love my curves, point is some people spread their feelings and self hate to others because they are twisted, dont let these people affect ur fab

    • Miriam Maulana
      22/12/2015 / 10:36

      Thank you Tatenda for that,

      You are right, other people do spread their self hate. I work everyday to love my body and the person I am and hope to inspire other to love themselves too and to educate those that feel the need to spread their negativity that there is another way to live life.

      I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and I look forward to continued interaction.

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