Schurco Slurry Mon, 01 Jul 2019 15:38:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Schurco Slurry™ Announces Our New Logo and Look! Pump&join=schurco-slurry-announces-our-new-logo-and-look/ Pump&join=schurco-slurry-announces-our-new-logo-and-look/#respond Mon, 01 Jul 2019 11:45:05 +0000 Pump&join=?p=3640 We are proud to announce something long in the making at Schurco Slurry: the launch of a completely re-inspired logo design with forthcoming revitalized informational and promotional marketing materials. This design effort is part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand since our founding in 1975.

Our business has grown and evolved over the years, and we felt it was time for a change. The refreshed logo reflects more of who we are today as a manufacturer: designing, building, and applying slurry pumps all over the world.

Since the creation of our Schurco Slurry brand of slurry pumps and parts, we have had a section of a slurry pump impeller benchmarking our identity. The impeller section has been retained and invigorated with cleaner lines and smoother edges to better reflect who we strive to be as a company.

A new and bolder font choice further defines our brand as a strong and steadfast presence in the market. As a family-owned and operated company, every customer is dear to us, and this font is confident and moving forward strengthening existing and building new ties to our customers.

Schurco Logo

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Cyclone Feed Pumps Pump&join=cyclone-feed-pumps/ Pump&join=cyclone-feed-pumps/#respond Fri, 05 Apr 2019 11:21:34 +0000 Pump&join=?p=3570 Schurco Slurry pumps are excellent solutions for a wide variety of applications where solids are moved via hydrotransport. One very common application for slurry pumps is feeding a hydrocyclone (can also be referred to as a “cyclone”) or separatorHydrocyclone, both of which centrifugally separate heavier media from lighter media. This classification occurs in the “separation zone”, a conical section of the equipment found below a vortex finder at the top/head box section. There are a variety of design principles that go into cyclone and separators to achieve various cuts of the media. There are performance curves for cyclones and separators, somewhat similar to a pump curve, where pressure drop across the cyclone is defined by a variety of parameters both intrinsic to the cyclone/separator and the pump feeding it.

The slurry pump should be designed to achieve the total head to the cyclone plus the calculated or predicted pressure drop across the cyclone. Making the cut and maintaining a good separation is very dependent on maintaining the specified pressure drop. Control of the pump then becomes critical to holding this pressure. As variable frequency drives (also known as inverters, VFD’s or VSD’s) have gotten less expensive and more common in industry, they have been more and more frequently applied to slurry pumps for cyclone/separator feed applications.

Cyclone Feed Pump

For maintaining optimum performance at the separation point (cyclone/separator), Schurco Slurry recommends controlling pump speed via VFD based on feedback from a pressure transducer measuring pressure at the cyclone/separator inlet. We all understand that steady-state is the goal of any continuous operation, but in practice it is difficult to achieve with variable product feed and other non-steady-state processes all around the mill or plant. Operating a pump in this way may lead to imbalance in your tank levels as the pump speed is varied to achieve a single pressure setpoint at the cyclone/separator, but this can be designed around with adequate makeup water at the pump sumps. Product dilution may occur in the sump when the process media delivering to the sump falls below design parameters, but the unit operation (centrifugal separation of heavier and lighter media at the cyclone or separator) will be maintained at the design point.

Contact your Schurco Slurry sales office or representative for more information on how a solidly designed slurry pump system for centrifugal separation using hydrocyclones and separators can be achieved!

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Slurry pumps for frac sand Pump&join=slurry-pumps-for-frac-sand/ Pump&join=slurry-pumps-for-frac-sand/#respond Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:07:42 +0000 Pump&join=?p=3480
Schurco 12″ x 10″ pump for fines recovery in a frac sand plant in west Texas.

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking”, has been the backbone of the American oil and natural gas boom of the previous decade. Domestic production of these natural resources veritably boom with old reserves and new production stimulated by this technique of increasing well output.

The science behind fracking is well-understood, and has been improved upon by the various oilfield service companies over many decades. Recently demand for this type of well stimulation has been put into practice on a wide cross-section of oilfields. Additionally, newer techniques require a significant amount of evenly sized silica sand with high crush values and sphericity.

As technology and implementation strategies evolve, the requirements for performing the “frac” change as well. More high-quality silica sand is needed than ever before for fracking, and Schurco Slurry has stepped up to deliver more and better equipment. Reliability and uptime performance are critical in production plants where tonnage drives the day, and Schurco has focused on in-service reliability as well as spare part availability to ensure that downtime is limited to the shortest possible window.

Schurco 10″ x 8″ cyclone feed pump for UFR

Heavy-duty rubber lined Schurco Slurry pumps are designed to deliver long-lasting service life in frac sand plants. Large impeller diameters with high-efficiency designs coupled with dry-gland expeller seals that eliminate the need for costly seal water make Schurco Slurry the optimal choice for processing frac sand around your plant. Schurco pumps have been employed in cyclone feeds, ultra-fines recovery (UFR), recessed plate and frame filter press feeds, belt-press feeds, tailings disposal (clarifier or thickener underflow), and even process water pumps! If hydrotransport is required in a frac sand plant, there is a Schurco Slurry pump to do the job.

Schurco understands the importance of continuous production, and how costly and damaging to frac sand production metrics downtime can be. Schurco Slurry pumps are designed to offer the longest service life, while also employing a simple to maintain design. If you can turn a wrench, you can work on a Schurco pump!
With spare parts on the shelf and experienced support staff standing by 24×7, we stand ready to be your partner in this growing and fast-paced industry. Call our offices today to find out how we can improve your pumping performance!

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Keep It Simple: A Principle for Slurry Pump Manufacturers Pump&join=keep-it-simple-a-principle-for-slurry-pump-manufacturers/ Pump&join=keep-it-simple-a-principle-for-slurry-pump-manufacturers/#respond Fri, 30 Dec 2016 20:23:45 +0000 Pump&join=?p=2597 All manufacturers consistently engage in product development over both long and short term periods. Customers should hope to gain from these developments in a variety of ways: increased efficiency, increased reliability, reduced operating costs, or some combination thereof. Unfortunately, all too often these so-called product developments released in the slurry pump industry fail to deliver on some or any of these gains. Instead, many times new products or parts that other manufacturers promote as “product developments” are in fact marketing efforts designed chiefly to reduce competition.

impeller-adjustmentExamples of these dubious enhancements abound in the industry. One such would be adjustable wear rings or
 suction liners to maintain the recommended clearance between the impeller front shroud and the throatbush face. Almost all slurry pumps, Schurco Slurry pumps included, already have a feature to ensure this equipment specification is maintainable over time. In Schurco Slurry pumps, as seen in the image to the right, a clevis on the bottom of the bearing assembly in conjunction with torqueing the rear nut on the adjusting bolt forward or backward moves the entire impeller and shaft assembly forward or backward to the set clearance off of the suction liner recommended for optimal operation.

Some other manufacturers looking for differentiation, perhaps in description if not in end-result, opted to add a widget to their pump assemblies thereby allowing for online adjustment of a wear ring in the suction-side liner assembly. Why would maintenance personnel want to adjust a high-speed rotating impeller into a static liner part while the equipment is in operation? Even if interlocks were in place to prevent static and non-static component contact, how trustworthy are these features, and what would the impact be to the pump wear parts, bearings, and motor should these two parts come in contact?

Additionally, a new wrinkle of complexity is added to an otherwise simple piece of machinery. Additional parts must now be inventoried, and training beyond basic wrench turning would be required. Simpler is better feels like a good mantra to abide by when it comes to pumping rocks and some of the most abrasive materials in the world.

Schurco Slurry will always strive to be your common-sense slurry pump and part supplier in an otherwise complex world!

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Warman® pump replacement parts Pump&join=warman-pump-replacement-parts/ Pump&join=warman-pump-replacement-parts/#respond Mon, 14 Mar 2016 08:00:23 +0000 Pump&join=?p=2370 Schurco Slurry® has time and again delivered the best quality and service when it comes to maintaining Schurco and Warman® slurry pumps in mines, mills and prep plants around the world. Since 1975, Schurco has been a driving force in the pumping industry. Priding itself to be a pivotal name in American manufacturing, it has a constant focus on quality control and helping its customers run with the lowest downtimes and operating costs possible. To ensure customers run an efficient business and have an uninterrupted delivery timeline, Schurco provides replacement parts in case of a demand for replacement or repair on existing Schurco Slurry® or Warman® slurry pumps.

Replacement of parts is a maintenance requirement when operating slurry pumps, and can’t be ignored. When your machinery is pumping solids, destructive wear will occur over a period of time. This part of wear and tear is inevitable, therefore you need a name to rely on to replace the parts effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Warman® pumps and Schurco’s replacement partsMachining Metal Part

A good number of Schurco’s customers use Warman® pumps. So, in addition to supplying the primary inventory we maintain a huge supply of replacement parts which are exact interchanges for Warman® pumps. Housed in Jacksonville, Florida, USA – Schurco maintains a replacement inventory of thousands of replacement parts that fit Warman® pumps. Warman® pumps are highest pressure-rated, large, lined pumps that are used for pumping huge volumes. It is important to maintain them in peak condition to keep downtime at a minimum.

Replacement parts – Warman® pumps

There are two major kinds of spare or replacement parts that are manufactured by _DSC0498Schurco Slurry: metal spare parts and elastomer spare parts. These parts are fully compatible with Warman® pumps both in materials of construction and dimensional fits. The parts are priced fairly through our low overhead and have the lowest lead times in the market. The reach is global with millions of dollars of pumps and parts distributed around the world.

All the parts have been rigorously reverse engineered using the FaroArm technology with 2-D and 3-D modeling. During the first article inspection, a comparison is made to OEM parts which is followed by fit testing. All the impellers have been tested to certify them against OEM performance. Thus in addition to product availability and competitive pricing, efficient testing of the product is ensured.

Satisfaction guaranteed_DSC0479

Schurco Slurry® is a family-owned company that has built the trust of its customers on its products and service-support. The focus in every transaction is to provide a high degree of customer service and application engineering support. Schurco also employs a team of experienced mechanics, millwrights, and machinists who have over two hundred years of combined experience and can help if need be in repairing and maintaining all types of rotating equipment.

So look no further, you can trust Schurco to be a dependable bet for replacement parts on Warman® pumps. You can contact us here.

Schurco Slurry is not affiliated in any way with Weir Group PLC, trademark owner of Warman®. No product represented or manufactured by Schurco is manufactured or authorized by Weir Group PLC.

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Pump effluent more effectively with a vertical slurry pump Pump&join=v-series-effluent-pumping/ Pump&join=v-series-effluent-pumping/#respond Mon, 07 Mar 2016 08:30:37 +0000 Pump&join=?p=2317 V Series (installed)There is a better way to pump the effluent, overflow and other collected “dirty” water around your plant. Vertical slurry pumps from Schurco can solve many issues that arise when pumping effluent. Above ground sumps are difficult to maintain, and cause headaches when they run dry and your pump begins to inevitably cavitate and destroy itself. Schurco proudly offers an answer to these and other problems through the use of their low-maintenance and robustly designed vertical cantilever slurry pumps, their V Series model.

The V Series is unique from other vertical pumps. It is fully-cantilevered by design, and does not require lower bearings or external sealing or cooling water. These pumps can also run completely dry with no adverse consequences to the equipment in what is called “snore” mode. Cavitation is a thing of the past!

V Series Cross-SectionChief Design Features:

  • NO SUBMERGED BEARINGS; eliminates submerged bearings, packing, lip seals, and mechanical seals
  • NO SHAFT SEAL; due to the Unique double suction impellers fluid flow enters the top as well as the bottom, and eliminates the requirement for a shaft seal
  • SAFE TO RUN DRY; can run completely dry without adverse consequences
  • ROBUST BEARING ASSEMBLY; the maintenance friendly bearing assembly has heavy duty roller bearings, robust bearing housings, and a massive shaft.
  • HIGHLY ABRASIVE RESISTANT WETTED PARTS; metal construction pumps have a heavy walled abrasive resistant chrome alloy casi
    ng. Rubber construction pumps have a molded rubber casing adhered to sturdy metal sub-structures.

The technology behind these pumps is purposefully simple: oversized bearings, oversized shafts, thick chrome-iron or rubber lined castings, and a solid integrated platform. This pump is robust where it counts even including a cast discharge neck on the pump casings themselves, unlike previous generations of pumps which used pipe elbows. Large vane passages on the impeller means large chunks of rock or trash can easily pass through this pump, or if that is undesirable upper and lower strainers can be used to prevent oversize material from entering the pump.

For system designers and structural planners, the V Series brings even more features to the table. Because the pump is designed to sit down in a sump, effluent and overflow process streams, which are typically gravity fed, can now be directed into a below-ground sump for collection. No longer will arrangement of pump boxes and above ground sumps have to be considered with a V Series pump mounted over a below-grade sump or vault.

Mounting the V Series pumps is as simple as four through-bolts on the pump mounting plate. The motor is fully supported on the pump base itself, and can be oriented in either a shaft-up or shaft-down position depending on customer preference and space availability.

Contact Schurco Slurry to find out more about applying these cost-saving workhorse pumps in your plant today.

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Filter Press Feed Pumps Pump&join=filter-press-feed-pumps/ Pump&join=filter-press-feed-pumps/#respond Thu, 03 Mar 2016 13:23:23 +0000 Pump&join=?p=2339 Plate and frame filter presses are becoming more and more commonplace in fines recovery applications at coal preparation and mining operations around the world with the steady elimination of settling or tailings ponds. These presses carry a relatively high capital cost, but the payoff is in the long-term savings on chemicals and pond management. The dried cake that the presses produce is ideal for transportation off-site, and many end-users have found that this by-product can be sold for a variety of alternative uses. The heart of these filter presses is the centrifugal pump that fills the press, and subsequently aids in the hydraulic pressing of the material. Schurco Slurry has developed a specific line of pumps and impellers which are tailored for these heavy duties.

The slurry that is pumped into the press is generally laden with 30-40% solids by weight. The solids are ultra-fine in nature, and can cause significant, sometimes catastrophic, wear and tear on the standard pumps offered by many of the filter press manufacturers. Schurco Slurry takes a different approach to this problem by putting in place the most robust slurry pump that we manufacture, with incredibly low specific speed impellers to reduce wear, heat buildup and many other contributing factors that cause other pumps to fail prematurely.

These Schurco Slurry H Series high-head, severe-duty slurry pumps have been fitted with specialized impellers to provide hydraulic characteristics tailored to filter press feed applications. While other pumps suffer regular seal, bearing and wear part failures, the Schurco Slurry pump triumphs!
Filter Press Feed Pump

  • Oversized shaft and bearings, rated to handle many times the applied power capacity
  • Lower speeds to achieve the required pressures
  • Heavier wear components to increase life
  • 650+ Brinell Hardness on all wet-end parts
  • No need for a mechanical seal

Due to the aggressive nature of the slurry being pumped and the high radial forces acting on the shaft at the end of cycle, mechanical seals are a major weak link in this application. Schurco Slurry has designed around this through the use of a specially applied Low-Flow Gland Seal that reduces shaft deflection and water flush rates into the slurry pump. This packed seal uses roughly the same amount of water that a single mechanical seal requires for flush, while not having any of the costly failure-prone components!

These Schurco Slurry pumps have a proven track record, and are applied on many of the top name filter presses on the market today. Let our proven track record go to work for your filter press feed pump applications, and feel confident working with an American pump manufacturer that stocks millions in inventory to keep our products well-supported in the field.

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Materials make a difference in slurry pump spare parts Pump&join=materials-make-a-difference-in-slurry-pump-spare-parts/ Pump&join=materials-make-a-difference-in-slurry-pump-spare-parts/#respond Fri, 26 Feb 2016 18:53:50 +0000 Pump&join=?p=2275 Every foreman, planner, technician and operator across all industries knows that material selections are of huge importance in slurry pumps. Selecting the right materials for your spare parts is something that we at Schurco Slurry take very seriously, and we work closely with our customers to find the right material specifications for the job. Whether it is the standard 27% high-chrome white irons, known for their superior wear resistance, natural rubber lined pumps and impellers, or specialty coatings on sleeves and other wear parts, Schurco Slurry has a solution for your application.

Schurco specializes in finding and bringing to market solutions for our customers that increaseCoated Shaft Sleeve availability, reduce downtime and ongoing maintenance costs. One such of these special material developments is Schurco’s hard-coated shaft sleeves. These sleeves have a Rockwell hardness many times harder than the industry standard 420 SS hardened materials, which typically equates to double the life expectancy of the upgraded part over the standard.
Not only does this reduce the long-term material cost for the component, but repair labor and packing usage is significantly lowered as well.

Several key steps go into manufacturing Schurco Slurry proprietary wear resistant sleeves.

  • We machine the base sleeve from any alloy (typically 316 SS)
  • A proprietary coating, whose chief components are a nickel-chrome-boron matrix, is thermo-sprayed onto the substrate at an elevated Finished Coated Sleevetemperature to create an initial surface bond
  • The metals are then fused by heating the coating and substrate together to over 1,900 °F
  • Finish grinding brings the sleeve into tolerance before it heads to our quality assurance group for final acceptance

Thousands of these hard-coated sleeves have made their way into Schurco Slurry® pumps, Warman® slurry pumps and many other slurry pumps and process pumps around the world. Find out if Schurco Slurry sleeves can improve your process today by sending us a request using the form at the bottom of this page, or Contact Us.

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Schurco Slurry Celebrates 40 Years Pump&join=schurco-slurry-celebrates-40-years-2/ Tue, 31 Mar 2015 21:22:06 +0000 Since 1975 Schurco Slurry has been a driving force in the pumping industry.

Originally founded to be a technically advanced repair and machine shop for critical pumping equipment in mills around the country, Schurco Slurry evolved by expanding our capabilities over time to the full-service slurry pump manufacturing company that our customers know today.

Since 1975 Schurco Slurry has been a driving force in the pumping industry.Mines, mills, and plants around the world use Schurco Slurry pumps and spare parts on every continent except Antarctica. Through our global distribution network we supply critical spares for our customers when they need it, at costs they can afford. Our mission is to bring value to our customers through product availability and cost savings, while delivering the same or better quality than any OEM competitor.

Since 1975 Schurco Slurry has been a driving force in the pumping industry.Schurco Slurry’s guarantee of quality is paramount to the success of our business. While other manufacturers send jobs and quality control overseas, we maintain strict product control in the United States of America. Our all-American workforce includes master mechanics and machinists, engineers from diverse backgrounds, and a solid commitment to excellence at every level of the company. We confirm our products through a variety of assessments including spectrographic testing of metallurgies, hardness testing, dimensional analysis, and fully-qualified hydraulic and fit testing. Our business grows through our steadfast commitment to delivering a high-quality product.

Since 1975 Schurco Slurry has been a driving force in the pumping industry.As technology has advanced, so have we. Schurco Slurry invests heavily in modernizing our product realization strategy from 2-D CAD to 3-D CAD to fully assembly modeling, to today where we perform computational fluid dynamics of our hydraulics, finite-element analysis of our structures, and full-scale system performance modeling and predictions. All of this is done to enhance our product, and deliver value to our customers.

Since 1975 Schurco Slurry has been a driving force in the pumping industry.

Just two years ago, Schurco Slurry completed an investment in our long-term growth strategy, which included the acquisition of an additional 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida, bringing the total square footage of manufacturing and warehouse space to over 150,000 square feet. We continue to invest in our state of the art machining, assembly, fabrication, and testing equipment to maintain a competitive edge for our products. To ensure our customers have replacement parts when they need them, we stock thousands of items regionally in addition to our primary inventory in Jacksonville, Florida.

We are grateful for the continued patronage of our customers both new and old. We stand behind the producers of cost-effective, clean, and vital raw materials, which make our modern way of life possible. Please let us know how we can serve you today.

Schurco Slurry Factory Tour Pump&join=schurco-slurry-factory-tour-2/ Wed, 01 Oct 2014 14:47:02 +0000 Click the “Read More” button to take a brief video tour of the Schurco Slurry main factory so you can see where all the action happens.

The video highlights our main machining areas, paint and prep areas, pumps being built for customers, and pumps undergoing repair, along with our massive inventory!