River dredging pump is the most common heavy duty big particle gravel sand pump used for river dredging and water treatment. Usually, river dredging pump is equipped on the cutter suction dredger to carry out high efficient river sand and garbage cleaning work.  Because there are many large particles and cloggable solids such as construction wastes, large-scale sedimentary sludge, domestic garbage in the river, three-blade structure large particle sand pump is a better choice for river dredging. The engineers of Ocean Pump will supply customers suitable river dredging pump according to different working conditions.

Ocean Brand River Dredging Pump Sent to Jinan for Dredging Operation
Ocean Brand Large Particle Sand Pump Sent to Jinan for Dredging Operation

On Oct 15th, 2018, a customer from the Shandong Provincial Water Resources Department visited Ocean Pump, he talked about the river dredging requirements with our engineers, and hoped our engineers could supply them a river dredging scheme. Through site survey, our engineers got the detailed working conditions.

  1. The water depth of the river wasabout 3 meters, the silt depth wasabout 2 meters;
  2. There weremany domestic garbage in the river. The workers have used excavator dredging vessel, but the working efficiency was lower.
  3. The conveying distance was3,000 meters, basically no height;
  4. There was a cutter suction dredger on the work site. A set of sand suction pump was equipped on the cutter suction dredger. This sand suction pump was produced by Ocean Pump.
Ocean Brand Dredging Equipment Sent to Jinan for Dredging Operation
Ocean Brand Booster Sand Pump Sent to Jinan for Dredging Operation

Parameters of River Dredging Pump Equipped on Cutter Suction Dredger

Conveying distance1000m

The engineers of Ocean Pump suggested adopting a booster sand pump to finish the conveying task. The booster sand pump has the features of wide flow path, large outer diameter of the impeller. After inspected the river dredging pump in the field, the customer decided to purchase the sand suction pump.

Parameters of River Dredging Pump as Booster Sand Pump

Pump modelZS250H
Supporting motor8-pole, 220kw

After completed the selection configuration, the Ocean Pump assembly team equipped the sand pumping machie with the special motor used in dredging, then sent it to the work site and organized the test run. The test result was very satisfactory. The customer was highly recognized for the expertise of the engineering team of Ocean Pump.

Ocean Pump specializes in the development, production and sales of river dredging pumps, sand pumps, dredging pumps, mud pumps, slurry pumps, sand pumping boats, sand dredgers, etc. Ocean Pump has accumulated rich experience. The engineers are familiar with different working conditions through in-depth communication with customers. Ocean Pump has focused on the sand pumping program for 20 years, we not only provide high-quality products and industry-wide solutions, but also on-site installation services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on designing scheme of river dredging, sand suction and booster sand pump.