OCEANPump has been dedicated to sand pump manufacturing and exporting in Shandong Province for over 20 years. After several decades research and development, we has formed a comprehensive sand pumping solution with various combinations and forms. Dredge pump is the widely used sand pump which is engineered and equipped on the sand dredger, our dredge pump is mainly divided into three types: horizontal dredge pump, vertical dredge pump and submersible slurry pump.

On December 16, 2018, a customer from Nanyang contacted OCEANPump sales department. He heard from his friend that our sand pump had the features of high quality, long life span and high cost performance. He hoped we customized a special solution for his reservoir sand suction project.

Dredge Pump Sent to Nanyang for Reservoir Sand Pumping
Sand Pump Machine Sent to Nanyang for Reservoir Sand Pumping

Working Conditions of Dredge Pump

  1. The water depth is 4-5m, the sand layer depth is about 10m.
  2. The discharge distance is 50m, there is no requirement about head.
  3. The customer hasa diesel engine, 200hp, 2200rpm. He requires our engineers to choose a suitable sand suction pump.

Dredge Pump Model Selection Process

Considering that the diesel engine belongs to high-speed machine, through the sand sample research, our engineers recommended 10 inch portable dredge pump which was connected with the diesel engine by belt.Portable dredge pump has the advantages of light weight, easy operation and high efficiency, so this kind of sand pump machine is suitable for small sand pumping projects.

Dredge Pump Performance Parameters

Dredge pump model10 PS
Matching diesel engine200hp

After determining the simple sand pump model, the sales department of Ocean Pump briefed the customer on the connection method between the sand pump and the diesel engine, and showed the operation process of the portable sand dredger produced by Ocean Pump. The customer actually understood our  dredge pump and signed the purchase contract.

Sand Pump Sent to Nanyang for Reservoir Sand Pumping
Sand Suction Pump Sent to Nanyang for Reservoir Sand Pumping

Regardless of any enterprise, quality is the premise, and customer’s reputation is the way to survive.

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