Large particle sand pump, also known as gravel pump, is the ideal sand pumping equipment. The OCEAN brand large particle sand pump is precisely casted from high quality and high wear resistant material. Large particle sand pump is specially designed for the extraction of large particles such as pebbles, small stones and river garbage for long distance transportation. The maximum particle diameter allowed to pass can reach to 240 mm.

OCEAN brand gravel pump has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high sand absorption efficiency, large over-flow passage and good anti-cavitation. Gravel pump is widely used for pumping sand and large particles in reservoirs, rivers, lake and sea.

Indonesia customers purchased a set of gravel pump ZS150 which was equipped in a sand dredger welded by themselves in September, 2018. We finished the production and delivered the sand suction pump at the end of September. The sand pump set arrived at the working site on 15th, October, 2018. The customers immediately welded a dredger hull. In the early stage we communicated by Wechat and video, the customers quickly learned the installation precautions and welded the dredger hull to install the sand pump. The whole set of dredging equipment was installed on 25th , October and the pipeline was connected for running test.

Technical Parameters Of Large Particle Sand Pump ( ZS150 )

Flow capacity216m³/h
Rotation speed980rpm
Inlet diameter150mm
Outlet diameter100mm
Large Particle Sand Pump Delivered to Indonesia for Sand Pumping
Gravel Pump Delivered to Indonesia for Sand Pumping
Sand Suction Pump Delivered to Indonesia for Sand Pumping

During the test, the customers found that the sand suction pipe were always moving and couldn’t be fixed in a certain area to pump sand. They sent us a video about the problem. After watching the video, we understood the problem. The customers welded their sand-absorbing faucet in low weight and small size in order to make it easy to float on water, and the sand pumping area was shallow, when the sand dredger worked, high-pressure water impact force provided by water pump made the sand-absorbing faucet can not sink into water. We suggested customers increasing the weight of the sand-absorbing faucet. After improvement, the problem was solved. The sand output of large particle sand pump was about 50m3/h, the discharge distance was about 200m. The customer was very satisfied with the result.
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