Heavy duty slurry pumps are suitable to deliver low density slurry for metallurgical, mining, coal and building material, the heavy duty slurry pumps can be also used to extract a variety of fine sand in industrial and mining enterprises. Heavy duty slurry pumps have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, reliable operation, high lift head, large flow (Max. mixed flow rate is up to 2000-5000m3/h), deep dredging depth (Max. dredging depth is up to 30m), long delivery distance(longest delivery distance is up to 2km). The power of heavy duty slurry pumps can be electric motor or diesel engine.

The shaft seal of heavy duty slurry pumps is packing seal.  The high pressure flushing water is added to clean the packing chamber and ensure the normal operation of the heavy duty pump. The steering of heavy duty slurry pumps is counterclockwise in the inlet. The outlet of the heavy duty slurry pumps is on the right side of horizontal direction of the sand pump. The outlet can be adjusted within 360 degrees according to the requirement. The material of heavy duty slurry pumps casing can be cast iron, cast steel or alloy. The material of the impeller and guard plate can be cast iron, cast steel, wear-resistant alloy, or non-metal wear-resistant material. The users can choose different types according to the actual application.

On November 5th, 2018, our customer from Malaysia sent us an inquiry about heavy duty slurry pumps. He wanted to purchase heavy duty slurry pumps mainly used for  sedimentation tank dredging. He required to pump the sediment into the sedimentation tank. The size of sedimentation tank was 5 m* 6 m*3 m. He planed to finished the dredging task within one hour. The discharge distance was 200m, the height was 5m. After discussed with the customer, our engineer team selected 200PNS-300 heavy duty slurry pumps. At the same time, we recommended the customer 8 inch sand suction rubber hose and HDPE pipe. The customer had electric power near the work site, so we equipped the sand pump machine with 55kw electric motor. In order to ensure the safety of the electric motor and easy operation, we attached a 75 KW frequency cabinet.

Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps Sent to Malaysia for Sedimentation Tank
Sand Pump Sent to Malaysia for Sedimentation Tank
Dredging Pump Sent to Malaysia for Sedimentation Tank

Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps Performance Parameters

Rotating speed730rpm
Discharge distance200m

After accepted the sand pump, our customer took videos for us. you can click “sand pump” to watch related videos. We helped him design the installation line. According to our design drawings, the customer finished the dredging task  as planned. They were very pleased with the efficiency of our heavy duty pump.

Tai’an Ocean Pump Co.,Ltd. is professional in producing sand pump, sand suction pump, slurry pump, dredging pump, sand dredgers, etc. We can supply the customers different construction plans according to different construction conditions. On the base of rich experiences in the Yellow River dredging and dyke strengthening, our products have been widely used in our domestic market and gotten good praise. Our products are famous of high efficiency, wear-resistance, long distance conveying. In the recent years, the submersible mud pumps designed and produced by our company are hot sale in our domestic dredging sites and mining enterprises. The advantages of the sand dredging machine are durable, wear-resistance and easy operation. At the same time, the export sales of the sand pumps are getting better and better.

OCEAN Pump is not only manufacturing best quality sand pump and sand dredger products but also providing custom product design, fabrication and after-sale service. If you have any questions or inquiries,  please fill and submit the following form, we will reply as soon as possible.