Centrifugal sand pump, also known as the sand pump, is an impurity pump that extracts mixed sloids such as mud, fine sand, tailing slag and transports them over long distance. Ocean Pump brand centrifugal sand pump which is made of the high quality and high wear resistant alloy material for precision casting. Centrifugal sand pump is suitable for marine suction, sand pumping, reclamation and construction of docks. Centrifugal sand pump can also be used for power, metallurgical transportation of tailing, river dredging, etc.

12 inch Centrifugal Sand Pump Set Sent to Cambodian for River Dredging

At present, centrifugal sand pump is widely used in various conditions such as dredging and embankment in the Yellow River Basin, Yangtze River Basin, coastal reclamation, and inland river sand mining.

One customer inquired our company’s sand suction pump with model 200PNS-30 in 2017 for the sand pumping operation in Cambodia. It was the first time that the customer carried out sand pumping project. After talking about the working conditions with the customer, we knew that they haven’t exploration in the local river, the preliminary operation was experimental.

Our engineers recommended the customer small-scale sand pumping equipment which had three advantages.

  1. It was convenient for local installation.
  2. The quality was stable and reliable.
  3. The investment was small, and the use risk was minimized.

According to the customer’s actual requirements, our engineers recommended centrifugal sand pump set with model 200PNS-30. The customer made the pontoon by themselves, he could save costs by this way. By watching videos, inspecting and comparing other companies’ selection plans, the customer finally selected our company’s recommendation plan and signed a purchase contract.

12 inch Sand Pumping Machine Set Sent to Cambodian for River Dredging

After using the centrifugal sand pump more than half a year, the customer responded two issues.

  1. There were many garbage in the river which often blocked the impeller of the centrifugal sand pump.
  2. The sand layers in some river sections were hard, this leaded to low working efficiency of sand pumping machine.

The customer wanted us to supply solutions. Our engineers gave two suggestions.

  1. Replace the current impeller withopen impeller to improve the performance and reduce the blockage.
  2. Upgrade the dredger hull ,add cutter suction system to stir up the hard sand layer, increase the sediment concentration in the water, and improve the efficiency of sand pumping.

The customer accepted the modification proposal and organized the production of the cutter suction device. After modification, the efficiency of sand pumping increased a lot, and the probability of blockage was reduced, the probability of downtime caused by garbage blockage was also reduced. The customer was very satisfied with this. At the same time, the customer had a better understanding of the local sand source, he decided to expand the production scale and purchase another centrifugal sand pump. After the communication with us, he selected the centrifugal sand pump 300PNS-35.

Technical Parameter of 300PNS-35 Centrifugal Sand Pump Set

Flow Capacity1400m³/h
Rotation Speed730rpm
PowerYuChai 330kw, 1500rpm
Gear Box300 series
Pump Inlet300mm/12 inch
Pump Outlet250mm/10 inch
Weight 5 tons

The centrifugal sand pump unit was the largest sand pumping machine that can be met by local transportation vehicles and road conditions. The customer thanked our company for giving consideration to the problem of transportation turnover, and greatly appreciated the professionalism and professionalism of our company. We did not recommend that customers blindly choose a larger sand pump unit, we considered more for our customer and maximized the customer’s benefit.

12 inch Sand Suction Pump Set Sent to Cambodian for River Dredging

On Sept. 29th, 2018, we signed the purchasement contract. The customer required that the centrifugal sand pump be delivered before Oct. 15th, 2018. Our company immediately contacted the diesel engine and gear box manufacturer. Through various efforts, the centrifugal sand pump unit was assembled and commissioned on Oct. 11th, 2018, then was shipped to the customer’s designated location on Oct. 12th.

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