Centrifugal portable sand pump is designed to extract small sand particles in river and lake, etc. Centrifugal portable sand pump applies a high-speed impeller to form a huge suction force so that it can achieve high efficient sand pumping operations. Centrifugal portable sand pump is widely used in rivers, lakes, pools, sedimentation tanks and so on. The centrifugal portable sand pump is very popular in foreign and domestic market.

The material of centrifugal portable sand pump is cast iron or alloy material. The centrifugal portable sand pump has the features of small size, light weight, non-blockage, and easy operation. The centrifugal portable sand pump can work in different complicated working conditions. Centrifugal portable sand pump can be equipped with diesel engine or electric motor.

Our South Africa customers sent us an inquiry about sand suction pump which would be equipped on a portable sand dredger. They have made a 4 inch portable sand dredger by themselves, but the working efficiency was low. So they planned to make a large sand dredger and purchase a larger sand pump to increase the sand output.

Their requirements about the sand dredge pump were as follows.

  1. The output was about 100t/h, the discharge distance was about 100m, no requirement of suction head.
  2. The water depth was 8m, the sand source was relatively clean, and there were few pebbles and garbage.
  3. It was better to use diesel engine connected with the sand pump by belt.
Centrifugal Portable Sand Pump Sent to South Africa for Sand Dredging
Sand Pump Sent to South Africa for Sand Dredging

We chose 8 inch centrifugal portable sand pump which had thicker pump case, this could extend the wear resistance of the sand pumping machine. Considering the safety of the sand pump, we equipped a protective cover upside of the belt. Besides the centrifugal portable sand pump, we also discussed other details of the portable sand dredger with the customers. We sent the working video of our sand dredger which was shipped to other countries. They were very interested in our simple sand suction dredger. We may have more cooperation in the future.

Sand Suction Pump Sent to South Africa for Sand Dredging
Sand Dredge Pump Sent to South Africa for Sand Dredging
Type of centrifugal portable sand pump8 PS
Water flow360m³/h
Rotating speed1200rpm
Diesel engineHuafeng 100kw

We provided our customers with a full set of configurations included centrifugal portable sand pump, diesel engine, batteries, bases and English instructions. We had a trial run before delivery and sent the testing video to the customer. He felt satisfied with the sand pump and speak highly of our works.

Please click here to watch the video of centrifugal portable sand pump.

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