Large particle sediment pump, also known as big particle gravel sand pump, is a kind of powerful sand suction pump which is specially designed for the extraction and long distance transportation of large particles such as pebbles, river garbage, etc. Large particle sediment pump is precisely cast with high quality and high wear resistant material. The maximum particle size allowed to pass can reach to 240 mm. Large particle sediment pump has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high sand absorption efficiency, large over-flow particles and good anti-cavitation. Large particle sediment pump is widely used in reservoir, river, lake, sea, etc.

Jiangxi customers used the ordinary 6 inch sand suction pump, the sand output is 30m square meters per hour, the conveying distance is 100m. Because the sand pump was made of ordinary cast iron, and there were so many pebbles in the river, the over flow parts were worn seriously and needed to be replaced frequently, this increased the maintenance cost.

So the customers were considering purchasing a new set of sand dredging pump. They required that the sand output should be more than 30m3/h, and the conveying distance should be about 200m. Our engineers recommended 6 inch large particle sediment pump ZS150.
The sand pump casing, impeller and guard plate are made of high chromium alloy, so the sand pump machine has the feature of high wear resistance, it is suitable for the working condition of many pebbles in the river.

 6 inch Large Particle Sediment Pump Parameters

Power43kw diesel engine
Inlet diameter150mm
Outlet diameter150mm
6 inch Large Particle Sediment Pump was Delivered to Jiangxi
6 inch Gravel Pump was Delivered to Jiangxi
6 inch Sand Suction Pump was Delivered to Jiangxi

In the communication, the customer inquired about the wear resistance of the sand suction pump in detail , the replacement cycle of the over flow parts. We supplied the working video of the gravel pump. Compared with their existing sand suction pump, the customers chose our 6 inch large particle pump.

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