Slurry pumps works in series are widely used to match some requirements. It will supply higher head to the pump system. First pump outlet connect to next pump inlet, this is how it works.

Bellow we will talk what conditions need the pumps work in this way and the things we should know as they working in series.
Some conditions need slurry pump work in series
1.One slurry pump can not match the work head requirement.
2.Higher head and larger flow need to rise at the same time.
3.Too long transport distance
4.Change the followed slurry pump cavitation performance in series
Things you should know`to deal with slurry pump in series
1.Choose the same pump in series working, avoid one pump over work or low efficiency
2.Thinking the followed Slurry pumps Max pressure strength can handle
3.High pressure for followed pumps make it should be care for bearings and seal
4.Closed the outlet valves before starting, and the open it from first to end