(1) The pump should be placed on a solid foundation to bear the full weight, and tighten all the foot bolts to prevent vibration.
(2) The piping and valves should be added supports,no pressure allowed on the pump.
(3) For the Expeller seal with Gland Seal or Packing seal, run the pump with hands, the shaft should be able to drive the impeller, there should be no friction, otherwise you should adjust the impeller gap (for mechanical seal slurry pump, the impeller gap no need to be adjusted, when mechanical seal installed correctly.)
(4) Disengage the coupling, start the motor, check rotation direction, and should ensure that the pump shaft rotates the direction of the arrow marked on the pump body, to prohibit motor reverse, or the impeller will come off and cause an accident.
(5) Direct driven should make the pump shaft and motor shaft should be in line accurately, in order to avoid vibration and wear.
(6) Install removable short tube or expansion joints in the suction pipe of the pump, and its length should be sufficient to disassemble the pump cover and replacement of the wearing parts, in order to maintenance the pump easily.
(7)Expeller seal combined with packing seal should check the at leakage first . Open the seal water before starting, if the leakage amount is too large, should tighten the packing nut until the leak guttate date. After the pump working, if the leakage amount is small, and the packing heats, it should be appropriate to release the gland nut; if the packing continues to heat, stop the pump, and cool it, adjust the gland nut, relax packing, so that the leakage amount slightly increases, re-start the pump, when the packing run well with shaft sleeve together, and then adjust the gland nuts to reduce the leakage.
(8)For mechanical seal, it should be checked before starting the pump: connected mechanical seal with shaft seal water pipeline (The shaft seal water line should be cleaned up of welding slag, sediment debris, etc), starter shaft seal pump then open shaft seal water pipeline valves, manual rotation of the pump shaft, if any leakage, there should be dirt one seal faces, loosen gland bolts and clean it with water before tight up. Recheck the leakage, if no,indicating the installation is correct.
(9)Start the seal pump, seal water pressure should be higher than the pump working pressure at least 0.1Mpa, after seal water into the sealed box cavity five minutes, start slurry pump.
(10)Start the slurry pump with water if possible before pumping slurry.